Many esteem & heed, self-appointed church ‘leaders’

Those money grabbing, power hungry, ‘bottom feeders’

Bleeding you of money; demanding tithes ever due

Robbing you of Truth; pruning Scriptures by ‘hew’

Knowingly axe & chop up, what is written there

Then have the gall to claim ~ only they can declare

What you can do, and what you must say

Even tho’ this places you ~ as evil one’s prey

We must esteem YAH, with understanding eyes

Search what is written, until all the lies

Of church doctrine, dogma, rules, & any ism

Reveals only entrance, into a dungeon prison

Ask YAH to remove, all the poisonous bait

Digest much Light, to reduce the ‘wait’

Don’t remain caught up, in man’s controlling bind

Free yourself, from their endless grind

What’s so hard in accepting ~ the chosen Sabbath Day ?

Where’s the difficulty in Loving ~ YAH’s given Way ?

Why not delight in true Names ~ of Father & Son ?

How can you not desire pure Ruach ~ already won ?

Changing your life is scary, & sometimes hard

But remaining controlled, leaves you permanently scarred

You’ll get stamped ‘mark of the beast’ for ever more

Then pained by flames, counting every score

Exit the lies, control, your life kept in danger

Love YAH & His Truth, so no longer a stranger

Give your soul back to self, so you can give back to YAH

Your love, heart & praise; esteem precious YAHUSHUA !