There is one thing that’s for sure. Even though we may be soaking up some sunshine here in the beautiful Florida Keys, that doesn’t mean the Ministry is on hold. Nothing will ever come between us and this Ministry Yahuwah has blessed us with. Since we are on tour and things do get busier being on the road; planning tour stops, keeping our blog posted, responding to the hundreds of emails we receive each month, maintaining the website, spending quality family time together, studying the Scripture and filing DVD request Orders & our FREE ISR Giveaway, we cannot ship orders out as often as we normally do. Because of this, we can only ship out packages once every month or two. When we go to the Post Office, it takes 2 sometimes 3 days at the Post Office. Now we’re not just talking about an hour one day and 2 hours the next day. Brother Michael brings along a book or something to do when he goes to ship orders. Sometimes he brings a snack or even lunch! When we say 2 or 3 days at the Post Office, we mean 2 or 3 days of sitting in the Post Office for at least 3 or 4 hours at a time. We call ahead and the Post Office normally opens an extra line to get the job done.

First, we just want to let you know, before we left where we stayed for the Summer we were busy busy busy! In fact, when are we never busy? This Ministry is our lives. It is a full time job and many-a-days it’s overtime, especially during video production. But anyways, before we left we wanted to get a big stock-up on our DVDs. Five thousand to be exact. One thousand each of our five DVDs available. We go through at least several hundred a month; at least one hundred orders a month and each order is a request of all five DVDs. One thousand of each should last us to Spring. Michael and Daniel were very busy duplicating our DVDs, printing the DVDs and packing them into their individualized DVD case. A Brother in Mashiach (Messiah) of ours, Ryan, was able to give us a discount to get the DVD case insert sleeves printed professionally. They look beautiful! Here they are!

One thousand of each! Since Michael and Daniel were still busy with the DVD printing and duplicating you can imagine that brother Danny was busy with stuffing each DVD title papers into their individualized DVD case.

Back to the subject at hand. Still making orders while on tour! That’s right! It’s that time of the month again. DVD order making time.

Brother Danny has been waiting for this moment for the last couple of weeks! Come with us as we show you how it’s done!

Meanwhile, sister Linda is at the computer responding to hundreds of emails and getting things ready for our next upcoming Nov/Dec 2013 Vol. 15 Newsletter. Are you in our mailing list? If please sign up so you can receive important updates, emails, prayer requests, chat invites and tri-newsletters right to your email inbox.
   We want to praise our Father Yahuwah for allowing us to do this work. It is financially hard times for most and we are most certainly blessed to be able to provide our services to the world.