Wars, wars and rumors of war,
Tidal waves shall rise and roar,
The earth is shaken to its core,
Deaths from famine, disease and pestilence soar,
Upon the earth’s inhabitants both rich and poor,
Behold YAHUSHUA is standing at the door,
His time is not yet for there is still more,
According to His Word in Matthew 24,
The anti-messiah must arrive on the scene before,
Set-up in the temple in Jerusalem with false prophet, beast and whore,
The whole world united will worship and adore,
Deceived by strong delusions of lying signs and wonders never seen before,
Except for the saints according to Revelations 12 whom the dragon will rage war,
Imprisoning and beheading the saints with much violence and gore,
Their testimony and witness of YAHUSHUA will be spread even more,
As the remnant of Yisra’el cry out, “Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of YAHUAH they emphatically implore,
The blood of the saints and the cries of His people YAHUAH will not ignore,
Then the moon turns to blood; the sun is darkened while stars fall from heaven and give their light no more,
A final trump from heaven is sound and the LION OF YAHUDAH WILL ROAR,
Coming in the clouds, gathering His bride to Himself seconds before,
His wrath and judgment upon the earth He will pour,
Then His Kingdom on earth He will restore.

It is time for YAHUAH’S Name to be restored,
To be called upon, worshiped, feared and adored,
How long we His chosen people have wandered and whored,
Forgetting YAHUAH’S Name for Ba’al or Lord,
A title of a mighty one He has abhored,
His covenant and commandments we have broken and ignored,
For this He has scattered us with famine, pestilence and sword,
YAHUAH is turning back our captivity and His Name is being restored,
To be called upon worshiped, feared and adored,
As we return to His covenant and obey His commanments there awaits for us a reward,
One day to be resurrected to rule and reign with Him in one accord,
At His coming when His Kingdom on earth is restored,

And in that day you shall say, “Praise YAHUAH, call upon His Name, make known His deeds among the peoples, make mention that His Name is exalted. Sing to YAHUAH, For He has done excellently; this is known in all the earth. Cry aloud and shout, O inhabitant of Tsiyon, for great is the Set-apart One of Yisra’el in your midst!” YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 12:4-6