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Shalom and Greetings!  May All Called Out Ones around the world,  Praise Yahuwah! We here at the FOY Ministry have some exciting news to share. We have updated our entire website! You will see the updates as we begin to publish the pages…

“Abomination of Desolation!”
By L. McGuire

Everything playing out right here, right now on the world stage is being orchestrated to deceive you! The satanic agenda to enslave every man, woman, and child through the current mass vaccination program is being unleashed upon humanity. Brothers and Sisters, the book that the prophet Daniel was told to seal has been unsealed. Learn firsthand how the current mass vaccination agenda was foretold.

By L. McGuire

“The dark winter”, beloved ones, I feel is on the horizon! Please prepare now! This will be a double, triple, possible quadruple whammy! I’m talking, food shortages, power outages, cyber-attacks and since the sheeple has now been vaccinated, just as snakes shed their skin, they too will be shedding something!

FOY Bitchute Channel is now up and running. Come check us out over on the Bitchute Channel.  We have been using the YouTube platform, in blowing the ram’s horn on the end time deception since 2007! Recently YouTube has been censoring all content. This has resulted in many of our videos being removed. This also led to our channel receiving strikes. Strikes lead to time out, where one cannot post any videos for a certain amount of time. Once our channel receives a strike, we slow up on posting. A few months ago, we had 2 strikes! When a channel receives 3 strikes within a certain amount of time, the channel is removed.

“Deciphering the Mark of the BEAST”
By L. McGuire

Many of you are about to get bit by the snake, if you do not take heed to how poisonous the snake truly is to your eternity. Most of you have only heard lukewarm, watered down versions of what the Mark of the Beast is. Those wolves in sheep’s clothing, have literally missed the mark! In Deciphering the Mark of the Beast, the entire plot is exposed. You do not want to miss this! Open your eyes and behold what is playing out on the WORLD stage right here, right now!

By L. McGuire

Time for the world to receive this end time message! “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” is about to be played out on the world stage! Get your preview right here only at the FOY ministry! This 3-part series is a must watch.  The FOY ministry breaks down the end time deception in three parts.

By L. McGuire

For the Greatest Show on Earth, to be a complete success, the Third Temple in Israel must be built. This is a MUST watch! The wedding invitations have been sent out! Learn how President Donald Trump along with the Freemasons, will push for the unholy alliance. Their timetable is that the Mahdi, the Jewish and Christian Messiah will be on the world stage in 3 to 5 years.

By. L. McGuire

The last prop that will be used in THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, is the world’s largest hadron collider which is in Geneva. CERN stands for ‘European Center for Nuclear Research’ then again maybe it stands for C.E.R.N Center for Extraterrestrial Research and Neutralization. Whichever one you prefer; this gigantic machine has been the talk of numerous conspiracy theories.

By L. McGuire

I have stated throughout many FOY materials that, the satanic elite always tell the sheeple their plans before they do it! The problem is, the sheeple just do not take heed as they are too self-absorbed into this fallen world. If they get their cheap thrills, or their daily dose of pills from doctor feel good, they are content as to them ignorance is bliss! The storm is here folks, as President Donald Trump warned, plus we see their satanic announcement.

“The First Purge!”
By L. McGuire

I asked you all to pay special attention to a recent movie that was released called, “The First Purge”. Remember what the Scriptures state, “The last shall be first and the first last!” (Matthew 20:16) “The First Purge” (the Apocalypse now) is really about the Last Purge against Believers:

“…And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads names of blasphemy” -Revelation 13-1

St Jude’s coloring book

Notice the 7 heads and 10 spikes? Corona means Crown!

Variants renamed




By L. McGuire
May of 2021

Folks, the world is a stage! We have been blowing the Ram’s Horn on this for over 2 decades now! Everything going on right here, right now is the puppets playing their role, saying their scripts. Do you understand that indeed this is the final script that the satanic elite is using right now to usher in their one world order?

I have stated throughout many FOY materials that the Satanic elite always tell the sheeple their plans before they do it! The problem is, the sheeple just do not take heed as they are too self-absorbed into this fallen world. If they get their cheap thrills, or their daily dose of pills from doctor feel good, they are content as to them ignorance is bliss!

Hear the Horn Blow! Heads up and listen up! The Satanic elite are about to turn the lights out in more ways than one. Matters are about to get very dark, so dark that the great prophet Daniel was sickened over what he saw. What are they actually referring to when they say dark winter.


Before I explain, I want everyone to remember that just a few years ago, back in 2017 Donald Trump warned us that there was a storm coming when he made the comment, “The Calm before the Storm.” Then about 2 years later in the winter of 2019 the weapon was unleashed! And the world has never been and never will be the same ever again! The old world is gone! The water has broken! The birth pangs are upon us!

Back in 2020 Joe Biden warned of a coming Dark Winter! He was referring to “Operation Dark Winter”, which was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted on June 22–23, 2001.  Twenty years ago, the satanic elite orchestrated this event. They even got it down to the so-called breaking news stories! “Operation Dark Winter” was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert and widespread smallpox [Covid-19] attack on the United States. We know that this bioweapon [Covid-19] was deliberately unleashed from the Wuhan Lab upon the entire world to bring in the New World Order. This is the Satanic elites orchestrated event and it is their final script!


“The dark winter”, beloved ones, I feel is on the horizon! Please prepare now! This will be a double, triple, possible quadruple whammy! I’m talking, food shortages, power outages, cyber-attacks and since the sheeple has now been vaccinated, just as snakes shed their skin, they too will be shedding something!

This is all part of the diabolic agenda. The Georgia Guidestones is to

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

There is no doubt that this plandemic was created to not only mandate vaccination but also through eugenics to depopulate!

Here let me show you!  Look here, on Pfizer’s own documents they know all test subjects are shedding. Please click on picture to view bigger!

All who received the gene altering jab are shedding the spike protein through their breath, pores and by touching! Now more than ever we need to stay away from those who have been vaccinated. If you feel led to continue to wear a mask when around vaccinated people, then please do! Use their ImmunaBands to our advantage! If you see someone with something like this on their wrist, walk away!


I am thus reminded, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” To those who say, Yahuwah will protect me! Indeed, He will, however, when you get in a car, you put your seat belt on, you drive the speed limit right? We do not put Yahuwah to the test! We use common sense. So, if you feel led to wear a mask, now more than ever wear it! By their own study, they know they do not need to vax every single person! All they must do is get a good percentage of people, then they become the super spreaders! Remember, these sickos are masterminds of evil. Any means justifies their agenda!

Many people are coming forward with all kinds of issues! Little girls having menstrual cycles, some twice a month. Women having to be rushed to E.R. with heavier than normal periods. Women passing grapefruit size clots. The entire uterus lining coming out. Even menopausal women, after years of not having any periods, suddenly having periods again. As bad as all that is, pregnant women having sudden abortions. People suffering with bruising from blood clots. Even men having issues with low sperm count! You all need to Wake UP! Get away from anyone who has been vaxxed!

Listen some schools and Doctor offices will not allow anyone who has been vaccinated to be employed or to be seen in their office if vaccinated. Check out this website:


 COVID-19 INJECTIONS, that might be of interest:

Many people are being negatively affected by encountering others who have been vaccinated. As of now, we do not fully know the depths of this shedding.  I have watched Doctors state that all those who have been vaxxed could start having major health issues 4 months to 3 years after being vaccinated. I cannot say one way or the other. However, with that said, I do believe that the ole’ jaberoo is gene altering and will hook all participants up to the beastly AI system. Considering my thoughts, I find it very interesting that soon after the 5G was in full throttle, covid-19 made headlines.


I warned you all about this entire plot!  It is coming you all! Get prepared now! Here listen to this, Mayor of Sydney slipped up and told the Truth! She tells the viewers not once but twice:

What is even more interesting is that WHO just so happened to name quite a few of the covid-19 variants after brain waves!

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta! Come on folks, wake up! They named these the same as brain waves! Can’t make this stuff up!


Pay special attention to the DELTA waves which are in the range below 4HZ. See Delta waves is when a person is in deep sleep, loss of all bodily awareness. It is at this wave length, where a person can become brain washed, open up to receive. This is how the television can brainwash a person.





Look, check this out:



Do you see, Delta and how it means “radio communication”?  5G and this so called Delta variant go together like hammer and nails! And folks, this nail is gonna hurt those who received that toxic va-666 sin!


And Guess What???? Oh boy, looky here. The lamb-da (the false lamb) which is another so called variant, is a symbol of  a wavelength:

For the Naysayers, that are sitting on the fence check this out. This short video is a wake up! I pray you can perceive the end time deception. Yahuwah loves you very much! I beseech you to watch:

 “…And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads names of blasphemy” -Revelation 13-1

Brothers and Sisters, sea can mean ‘WAVE” and it just so happens that 5G are waves!

Interesting how St. Jude made a coloring book about the Coronavirus. Notice the illustration has ten spikes?  Corona means crown! All these so called variant names I also find very interesting, especially since we see ten in the figure below! Indeed how deep does that rabbit hole go! Only those who have eyes to see and ears to here will understand:


Now do you understand why they are giving everyone FREE 5G phones? All you have to do is turn your old phone in and get a brand new one!

Wake up! They want to give every single person in the country a Free 5G smartphone! Do not be deceived!

Look, I exposed this in the movie, 5G the Zombie Machine, start around 1:20-1:24



And watch “5G Rolls out the End Begins” start at min 18 through min 22. Scenes from “The Kingsmen Secret Service” where they give everyone FREE Sim Cards. When  the frequency got turned up, the people went MAD!

So you watch this, then when you are done, I want you to watch it again!!! This is going down right here, right now! Wake up!

This is why I’m thinking there were two types of the va-666 sin! Those who are not magnetic got something different.  When the time comes, their bodies will experience a cytokine storm. While those who have become magnetized, they will be hooked directly up to the 5G! Then when the time comes, they will be turned into Zombies!

Then again, maybe the frequencies will effect people different. Some will experience the cytokine storm while others will just go mad. I just think with some people being magnetized while others are not, makes me think of two types of injections.

But for all I know there really might be just one type of toxic gene altering injection just effecting people different. Time will tell. However, regardless this is what they are doing. Think I’m wrong? Check out what Dr. Gilbert said back in 1995:

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here folks? Do you understand what he just said and then how he compared it to Rwandan?

Consider how Yahuwah will have to shorten this time, if not no flesh would survive! Because these people are going to become beasts.

I beseech you to seek Yahuwah now! Cling, to Our Father! Pray for the entire Body of Mashiach!

5G spectrum bands low, mid, and high. Just wait until you get a load of this! According to this article Operators will use a combination of different spectrum bands to deliver 5G services. This mid-band spectrum is being used for 5G. Some operators in U.S. and Canada are using the 2.3 GHZ and 2.% GHZ-2.^GHZ for 5G!  Some are even using 1800 MHZ! At that low band spectrum, the wireless signal can penetrate windows, walls and can travel long distances.

According to them the mid-band spectrum is ideal for 5G! Do you understand what this means? If not, I’m going to break it down for you. The Delta variant will soon be the prominent one come this winter! They are using the mid-band to carry the dangerous 5G so it can penetrate walls, windows and travel further! Thus causing, more damage to the human brain and body! For all I know, all who have received the jab and have become magnetic could very well experience a very dark winter!

The Delta variant is just one of the 4 multi-fronts, I’m thinking that will cause the “Dark Winter”! Next let us look at the current water shortage that will cause the coming food war.

The article states,  they are having to bring water it. What would normally cost 200 per acre foot is now costing 2,000 per foot acre! Guess who will feel that the hardest? The consumers will pay more much more! Right now, garlic and onions will be scarce come next year!   A lack of water also means no work for many people!

Parts of the United States is having the worst drought in 1200 years! The heat wave gripping the US west is simultaneously breaking hundreds of temperature records, exacerbating a historic drought and priming the landscape for a summer and fall of extreme wildfire. They are saying that the ground is burning like a hotplate.


A quarter of global harvests at risk if agriculture does not adapt to climate change.

“The study sheds new light on this question. The authors analyze the worldwide vulnerability of four  crops (maize, rice, soybean and wheat), responsible for 75% of global calorie intake, to future shifts in temperature and rainfall patterns caused by climate change.”

This is just a time bomb fixing to explode! The writing is on the wall, time to prepare now!

Americas largest reservoir is drying up! Lake mead looks totally different now as you can see the rings of where water used to be. Look, Water is the new gold and food will become the new silver! Without water, life stops! Plants, crops, nuts, fruits, animals and humans cannot live! So, what does that mean to you, the consumer? Prepare now! You still have some time! If you think the riots during the summer of 2020 were bad! Just wait until you see people fighting over that bag of potatoes or that single cob of corn. The lack of water will lead to food rioting this will be much worse than previous food riots.

Interesting is that the 1973 movie, “Soylent Green” takes place in the year 2022. As you watch the trailer, notice over populated cities, the lack of water and the rationing of food:


Look, the world is a stage folks! The Satanic Elites agenda is playing out right here, right now. Notice “Nothing runs anymore!” “Nothing Works!” Are they trying to tell us something about the “Terminator event?


If the Delta variant or the food shortages doesn’t cause the dark winter, then matters may literally go dark Either through the Terminator event. Which is when oppositely charged bands collide at the equator, they annihilate (or “terminate”).

In return causes the sun to become very active. The Scientists are concerned because “If the Terminator Event happens soon, as we expect, new Solar Cycle 25 could have a magnitude that rivals the top few since record-keeping began,” says McIntosh.

“We found that the longer the time between terminators, the weaker the next cycle would be,” explains Leamon. “Conversely, the shorter the time between terminators, the stronger the next solar cycle would be.”

The article states that Solar Cycle 25 is shaping up to be a short one.  “Previous solar cycles with such short intervals have been among the strongest in recorded history.”

This alone could be a possible reason why we have been seeing power outages throughout the world.

Look at this, do you see it? Planet X/Wormwood/planet hell/Nibiru/planet of the crossing/the destroyer, whatever you want to call, it is causing issues!

We have personally seen this ourselves! I do not make claims to know what it is. However something is there causing major disturbances!  I personally feel it is Wormwood/the Destroyer/Planet X/Planet Nibiru/ Planet of the crossing, which is causing devastating effects on our planet. Yet we know these are the end of days!

A few days after the above picture was taken, the United states witness the solar eclipse. What we saw was this monster planet! I am thus reminded:

So do they know something we do not know about the sun? Or are they having another training which they are good for having events (such as Event 201) before they do it! Regardless, the dark winter could be a major cyber-attack on the grid that shuts the entire grid down! This would Disrupt supplies and everyday lives. This is bad folks! This would be terrible! Smart cities, smart homes, smart appliances all shut down. Everything that runs off the power grid would become DARK! Airplanes will fall from the sky!  No water. The sewage system knocked out! No transits! No lights! No gas! No food being brought in! Anything and everything connected to the internet will be shut down! No buying or selling!

The other trigger for the Dark Winter could be war! For months now the tension has been growing between the United States, Russia and China.
We could very well see matters go from bad to nightmarish sometime this winter. The Delta variant, the water and food shortage, the cyber-attacks and possible war! For a bonus we could see so called aliens show up thanks to the so-called leaked UFO footage. But remember Brothers and Sisters, the world is a stage! The players are just reading their scripts and following the act.  William Cooper, exposed the alien invasion years ago in his book, “Behold a Pale Horse!” Clearly, this could very well be the Dark Winter, we have been warned about. Be vigilant yet do not fear. Stay focus on Yahuwah and prepare in all ways!

Whether you are new in the Faith, or have known Yahuwah’s Truths your entire life. If you are curious or just passing though, this is the place to go. Start Learning Now! >

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The time is coming and is now here when the secret elite will orchestrate the biggest delusion of all time. Since the beginning, the screenplay has been written, every line carefully thought out. The stage known as planet earth is going through its final transformation. The actors know their lines; they have been practicing for years. Props are about finished and the blue beams are in place. There is no shortage of extras; all want a piece of this pie! The cloned shells have been glamorized, waiting to be possessed appearing as messengers of light. The last make-up call will soon be heard as the wolves scramble to put on the sheep’s clothing. The fence… completely empty, because the lukewarmers are starting to get cold. The directors are working out the last flaws while the world leaders give their allegiance. . .

The World is Ready, Are You?!?


Thank you so very much for the materials that you sent me. I am so excited about receiving them. I am sharing these materials with my group. I received them on my Shabbat, how awesome. On my Shabbat. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much. I can't thank you enough. May the FATHER bless you with all that…
Your ministry has open my eyes wide. I was an ordained deacon i left the church, wasn't getting full. I always felt something was missing and felt deceit but couldnt put my hand on it, until Yahuwah guide my steps now, I will trust him with all my heart, mind, body and soul. I also felt lord and god was…
I've seen the info you guys have here. It is great!! Thank you so much for what you do. May Yah Bless you. Shalom, Carlos
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I found your site and I'm really digging it! I see that you are having a restored name Bible giveaway every month, that's cool, I'm going to sign up next month, I went to their site but I can't afford their bible so I'll have to try for the free version, I thank you for the opportunity though!
Todah for the updates, brethren in Mashyiach. I was pleased to gather up the news of your recent activities. I commend every one in your ministry for their tireless efforts to spread the Besorah. We all realize that in the Last Times, it is imperative to be busy sowing seed for the Kingdom. I mainly choose to write you to…
HalleluYah I received the DVDs and have allready watched False Armageddon. It was some of the best end time teaching that I have ever heard! I am 69 and have been in "church" all my life. In 1999 I came across some writtings on The Name and Sabbath keeping. I found a small group in Emery Tx that used the name YAHWEH.…
Shalom, First I would like to congradulate you and your team for the wonderful work being done in Yahuwah's name, I use to be a five percenter for thirty years never thought I would be called out of that, but Elohim had another plan for me. I became a christian who later was ordained as a deacon seven years, but Elohim wasn't finished with…
I personally am loving this walk and enjoying every minute of it. What ever information that you can send me will be greatly appreciated. Grace
Here with me and my wife wish to thank you for the video sets which you forwarded to us . We received it and just want you to know it has already touched the lifes of those dear ones hanging on to churhes trying to do the right thing. We hope that we will have the honour of meeting you…
I sent many people your latest newsletter. I was pleased to read and see this latest one.
Thank you for sending such a great and true message. How true your question is: If we are not proclaiming Yahweh's message and warning now in this easier time, how will we fare when the nation is locked down? A most excellent and timely exhortation. May Yahweh keep y'all under His wing. May He provide all you need.
Thank you for the package. I received it just yesterday and am yet to view and digest the material. Thank you for your continued work in spreading the message of Yahushua! Stay blessed!
I have downloaded a lot of your materials for me and my family's perusal, we are so blessed by your ministry but alas we are in South Africa Cape Town to benefit from some of your materials like dvds and the ISR set apart books.
The Followers of Yah ministry appears, from all the literature I have read and the videos you have produced, to be a very well informed group of “set apart” believers. Your research, from what I can see, is impeccable. You have studied out many of the truths of Yahuwah God's word that not many have been able to distinguish in…
We have recently begun re-watching your dvds again,and they are just so wonderful!! We sent out some of the literature to some friends and brothers and sisters,and they too were very blessed!
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yes I did receive the package last month one of everything thank you so much for sending it. your ministry is in my prayers often may you all be protected mightily and your message move far and wide free from the attack of the enemy always covered by the father YHWH and our wonderful salvation YESHUA. Shalom
The Imposter movie needs to be in the hands of everyone. it’s very detailed and well done. you may have many peices to the puzzle but man does this put it all together. who are you up against? and why? it may suprise you but the spirit will reveal and bare witness. if at first it doesn’t sit well with you,watch…

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