The Dream is over!
By. L. McGuire

The illusion that many N. Americans once had, is now all but a memory. Despite the warm fuzzy blanket of comfort of the economy bouncing back, the truth is millions of Americans are unemployed. Some states like California have now reached double digits with unemployment still rising. Truly, the dream is slipping right out from underneath the majority, as the government continues to gobble up private banks and major corporations. The Government’s appetite continues to increase as they are now the prideful owners of the two major auto companies, General Motors and Chrysler. GM alone will be closing the doors to about 1,100 dealers nationwide! Many assembly plants are also closing down. As I mentioned in the, “Stop, Look and Listen…An Urgent Message” article it has been said one in seven works for the car industry! Many more will be out of work as many car dealers have now closed their doors. The Ford dealer in my small town was there one day and gone the next. As sad as this is to write, the open sign still dangles in the front window all lit up. How many more towns across the United States and Canada, are seeing empty buildings that once held busy stores? We the people are waking up to finding that our once free nations, are now being taken hostage by Marxist-Socialism.

Indeed we had been forewarned about this travesty. Pat Robinson and Henry Kissinger both predicted that under Obama, the American people will embrace Socialism. I recall the many banners and voices chanting, “Change…Change…we can believe in!” Well believe it folks, change is here and soon so will the New World Order. What will you do with your last few moments of freedom? I choose to blow the ram’s horn, warning as many as I possibly can!

As long as the swine flu hoax remains a threat, pork will be banned. This of course will be blamed as another blow to the already crippling economy. American National Pork Producers estimated that they are losing about 2.5 million dollars every day! Now when people become sick due to the swine flu vaccine, this could very well crush the economy. When the Trojan Horse of Forced Vaccinations begins, (please refer to the article, “Trojan Horse of Forced Vaccination Begins”) guns will have to be confiscated for the sheep to quietly receive their poisonous shot. That is why we are seeing a list of guns being banned nation-wide. Soon very strict laws will be enforced on all gun owners.

The road-map of one world economy and religion is right on schedule. With the 2009 Bilderberg meeting having just ended recently in Greece, talk has been going around that this year the main focus was on whether or not to have a short or long depression. They also talked about what plans were needed to be done to totally destroy the dollar. My guess, inflation could very well be the weaponry of choice. Scriptures tells us that nation will be against nation (Matt. 24:7, “For nation shall rise against nation, and reign against reign…”). The United States of America is heading towards another civil war as many states are now declaring their own sovereignty.

Sure there was a slight increase in employment, due to the temporary employment of 140,000 census workers. Even though the census is not until 2010 these workers have been trained to electronically GPS (global positioning satellite) mark every front door in the nation. When I first read this report in the evening of April 30th, in less than 24 hours the front door of my home was marked on the pagan May Day! These puppets of big brother had been here 3 times within 4 weeks and once more since May 1. No home will be left behind as every home is to be marked by July 31st 2009 [the REVERSE of the Blood around the doorpost!]. Since every home can be Google-mapped we must wonder what the need for this is. Drones, missiles or even robots could very well be used to carry some weaponry or bio-weaponry to our very front doors! One thing is for sure, time will tell.

If that was not bad enough as of June 1st Americans are now prisoners within the US borders. No one gets in or out of the country without prior approval from Big Brother and an RFID Passport. Canadians also now require a Passport to cross into the US by land; before June 01, a valid driver’s license and ID such as a citizenship card woud suffice. Due to GW Bush’s ‘terror protectionsim’, from over a year ago, Canadians needed a passport to enter US by air. Now a special license that includes a micro chip implant is being issued to qualified applicants from either country.

When we think things cannot possibly get worse, there seems to be something looming on the horizon that is almost unthinkable in a free nation. Laws are now being passed and possibly reinstituted that will end our freedom of speech. Recently, the House of Representatives passed bill HR 1913, the ‘hate crime bill.’ This is an unconstitutional bill threatening freedom of speech, equal justice and religious freedom. All Religious groups or leaders could be criminally prosecuted and/or investigated over the words they speak. Even quoting the Scriptures will be an act of hate! Speaking out against homosexuality, sexual morality, in general trying to spread the Besorah (Good News) to a lost world would be considered a hate crime. Eventually, all hate crime bills will be enforced on those who speak out against the Zionist Regime. April 23, 2009 Judiciary Committee hearings on HR 1913, Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) said, “We need to protect victims against hateful words, hateful acts and even violent acts.” If the Fairness Doctrine is reinstituted this will be an attack on our First Amendment rights also and could eventually be enforced on the Internet.

Just as I reported at the start of this year, it is not a matter of if but of when will the old internet be replaced with Internet2. As I reported Internet2 has been up and running since February of 2009 and it is only a matter of time before the present internet will become extinct. The final plans have been set in motion as Rupert Murdoch (owner of various newspapers, tv networks and Fox News) recently admitted, “The current days of the internet will soon be over.” Most freedom of speech will be gone. Now you know why the EU has recently called for a global internet government. Remember the true famine will be of not hearing the WORD! It is clear the Internet Police will need to be set up. Some reports have claimed the cyber-security should be in use by September (’09). Can you guess what they will be doing? Cleaning house and who do you think the dust bunnies are? If you have never heard of, “The total Information Awareness Act click here:

As I mentioned in the February/March newsletter all those including this ministry will no doubt be on the watch list! According to the Homeland Security a potential terrorist is anyone who opposes gun control, and who believes the union of marriage is between a man and a woman; and someone who is pro-life. After reading the following document, it is true that there are extremist who would invoke bodily harm and carry out violent acts. However, what we should find very disturbing is that according to the government, if anyone believes in anti-government conspiracy theories they are a terrorist: (emphasis added by me)

“…The alleged gunman’s reaction reportedly was influenced by his racist ideology and belief in antigovernment conspiracy theories related to gun confiscations, citizen detention camps, and a Jewish-controlled “one world government.”

The points I have bolded are indeed transpiring right before our eyes. They are trying to confiscate guns. The FEMA camps are indeed real. All Scriptural believing persons know that they are indeed pushing for a one world government. If you don’t fall in any of the above, don’t feel left out.

“…Antigovernment conspiracy theories and ‘end time’ prophecies could motivate extremist individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition, and weapons. These teachings also have been linked with the radicalization of domestic extremist individual and groups in the past, such as violent Christian Identity organizations and extremist members of the militia movement.”

That is right folks, if you believe in ‘end time prophecies’ you are a potential terrorist. We have been encouraged to have at least one week to a three month supply of food on hand in the event of an emergency. According to the government, anyone who stocks up on food is considered a potential terrorist.

“Rightwing extremist paranoia of foreign regimes could escalate or be magnified in the event of an economic crisis or military confrontation, harkening back to the “New World Order” conspiracy theories of the 1990’s. “The dissolution of Communist countries in Eastern Europe and the end of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s led some rightwing extremists to believe that a “New World Order” would bring about a world government that would usurp the sovereignty of the United States and its Constitution thus infringing upon their liberty.”

Scriptural prophesy is indeed being played out exactly how the Mighty One of Yisra’el said it would be. Since I believe in the written word of Yahuwah then I guess that makes me a potential terrorist according to these standards. Those who still believe the New World order is some conspiracy remember the words of the United States President who boldly proclaimed:

“It is not just one small country…it is a big idea…a New World Order”-George H.W. Bush

It is not I that first spoke it or the so called crazy conspiracy nuts but the President of the United States of America said it! If you have time do a Google search on, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” You can also go to the following link:

In order for the third world war (False Armageddon) to take place there must be a holy war/jihad (please read and download the book, The Imposter) consisting of the Islamic nations and allies verses the state of Israel with the support of Christians and Messianics. You see the plot will be over a two state resolution of Israel and Palestine. The President of the United States Obama’s recent speech pushed for a New Beginning between the United States and the Muslim world. What is this new beginning? I’m reminded how just a few months ago, the President of the United States of America, bowed himself to the King of Saudi Arabia, king Abdullah. This one act spoke volumes, stating that the U.S. will submit to Islam. What could this possibly mean? In order for the False Armageddon to be believable all nations must gather against the state of Israel. Therefore, to me it seems either the U.S. will stay a friend of Israel (and still be in the war) or become an enemy. Words like ‘new beginning’ have me leaning towards a break up; thus resulting in a chain reaction of apocalyptic events for Americans and the world. She would be divided, as mostly all Judeo Christians including Messianics would set their differences aside to fight a common so called enemy, Muslims. The nation as a whole could be destroyed creating the illusion that all who are against the state of Israel will greatly suffer the wrath of God (which in reality is Man’s Wrath.) Only time will tell exactly how this all turns out but as for us, the Bride of Yahushua, let us stay awake!

Clearly, we at F.O.Y. have put our lives on the line to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth no matter how disturbing the truth may be. Our mission has been to “Blow the Ram’s Horn” reaching as many of the, “Lost Sheep of Yisra’el” as we can before it is too late! We all must remember, “And do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the being. But fear Him who is able to destroy both being and body in Gehenna.”(Mattithyahu 10:28)

Now is the time to be preparing for what you and your family are going to do. Seek Yahuwah and do not make any decisions out of fear. There is still time to stock up on food, water and make plans to leave populated areas. They are planning for this crisis to come sometime this coming fall moving into the early part of next year. Please do not fall for the lie that this is Yahuwah’s wrath or that He is somehow responsible for this. This is the planned wrath created by the mad scientists working through the world governments to bring about the New World Order (please read and download our free tract entitled,” Man’s Wrath By Weather Manipulation.”). If you have not yet read the, “The Urgent Message…Stop, Look and Listen”, “The False Armageddon” or “The Imposter”), please do so now as you will understand what lies ahead for humanity. When these matters begin to take place may you take ‘action’ and not suffer from ‘reaction’. Please keep the F.O.Y. ministry in your prayers as we will be praying for the Bride to be blessed with endurance, strength, courage, discernment and most of all shalom!

By L. McGuire
An F.O.Y. Publication
June/July 2009

We cannot control the use of our material by others. We at Followers of Yahushua Ha Mashiach are not associated with any other organization, group, congregation, website or videos that label themselves as “Followers of Yah” unless otherwise noted. Recently there have been many using our phrase “[We are] Followers of Yah” and that simply is not correct as they have taken our words and website title. We have ask some not to do this as we do not agree with all of their doctrine. However, they continue to use our words and title. So please do not be confused. If you have a question about the ministry, please ask us.

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