Treasure Aisles is one of the larger flea markets we have been blessed to see. This place was just down right BUSY!!!! So many people and stuff! We stood out at this flea market as we had quite a few visitors stop by. One of the venders next to us actually was a Scared namer. We are always blessed when we get to meet, listen and share with other like-minded believers.

While we were sitting at our spot, we heard some Cherokee music being played in the distance. What was interesting about this music is that the Qodesh Name was being proclaimed. Sadly, this Native man, as many others Cherokee’s, do not realize who they are nor who they worship. After spending some time with him he took our DVD’s.

According to, “History of The Cherokee Indians” by Emmet Starr we learn some fascinating information about the Cherokee people. What is very interesting is that the Cherokee people called the Creator, “Yehowa”! They also kept the 7th day Sabbath where they rested and talked about the Creator. They believe Yehowa created the world in seven days and that the first man was made with red clay and he was Indian. There is plenty of proof that the Cherokee people is Semitic. Sadly, many Cherokee people like the rest of the tribes turned their backs on Yahuwah and became idolatrous. They worshipped the sun, the moon, the stars along with other deities. They have suffered greatly because of their disobedience. They were sold into slavery, killed and had everything taken from them. The Trials of Tears was devastating for the Cherokee people! Most do not know who they worship, yet Yahuwah has always kept a remnant even amongst the Cherokee people. For this reason, any time we are  able to speak to the Cherokee people we consider that to be a very big blessing for us.

Here are some pictures from the Flea Market:

33 cities, 36 stops and still counting! We have a big winter planned ahead!