While staying in Perry, Florida we really desired to find a flea market to set up in Tallahassee. We were very excited to not only find a flea market, but to actually get a spot at one. See a lot of flea/farm/arts/craft markets are enforcing tougher rules and having all sorts of regulations just to freely give material away. Here let me explain, some owners of the various markets don’t want to ‘offend’ potential buyers, so all material must receive a mark of approval before it can be distributed. Yet other markets do not want any religious material on their property what so ever. While other markets, want at least one month commitment! Considering these issues, finding a flea market or any market for that matter can be time consuming! That is why in some states, we may only get to cover one or two areas. Sure, any given state may have hundreds of flea markets, but sadly only a few will accommodate what we have to offer. So, we were very excited that Tallahassee would allow us to set up our table with free DVD’s!
The city of Tallahassee is very emotional for all of us here at the FOY ministry. As many of you know and to those who do not know, a few years ago, (back in 2011) we were on the National Imposter Tour driving from Florida on our way to Oregon, when our lives suddenly changed! Our truck engine just stopped while in the fast lane, we had to make an emergency stop in the fast lane. Brother Danny and Brother Daniel both got out of the truck. The moments that followed were very traumatic. Sister Felicia decided to get out of the truck also. A truck doing 70 miles per hour, didn’t see us and served into the median where Sister Felicia was standing and struck her! How devastating for us here at the FOY ministry. I am thus reminded, “And we know that all matters work together for good to those who love Elohim, to those who are called according to HIS purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
HalleluYah! We give all praise and esteem to Yahuwah! As Yahuwah’s purpose, was for Sister Felicia to continue being a major player in the FOY ministry! To learn about this devastating yet miraculous moment of our lives please read here.
When we drive past the mile marker where the accident took place, we always give shouts of praise to Yahuwah for He is worthy to be praised!!!! Rejoice with us for all the kindness He has bestowed upon the FOY ministry! Here are some pictures while at the Tallahassee Flea Market:

The guys setting up the banner:

Brother Danny and Sister Linda waving as they always do:

Burr it was a very chilly day there, so thankful we all dressed for the cooler temps.

This Flea market was a nice size with plenty of stuff for people to look shop for:

Here is one of many people that stopped by our spot to check out our DVD’s.

Here we see all the pretty Piñata’s hanging up. And look at all the bountiful veggies on display! All the wonderful bright vibrant colors. Yummy so good for us all instead of all the processed, GMO poison that has become the SAD (Standard America Diet) that so many are destroying themselves with.

People out looking for some great bargains. The best bargain was the bargain of truth they got for free from our booth! HalleluYAH! We had a great time!

See you all the next National Imposter Tour Stop!