While staying at Brother Lee’s ranch, we managed to get a spot at the Sadie’s Flea Market in Alabama.

Getting our spot set up before the people start coming:

Here is a picture from the side and as we can see lots of vendors.

This is just one stretch of the outside area. We were very surprised when we got here at how big Sadie’s Flea Market really is. Besides the huge outside area there is also an indoor area for vendors to set up shop. As tight as the economy has been, people are always looking for great bargains. Besides community yard sales, home owner yard sales, second hand and thrift stores flea markets are a great place to find hidden treasures!

Here is a view from one of the isle found inside the flea market. There was so much stuff here, wow!

Shalom EVERYONE! We had a very busy day here, as we gave 50 DVD’s away! We are so excited to get to set up at our next spot in Gulf Breeze. Can’t wait to see you all there.