Our next stop, was at the Menge Flea Market in Pass Christian Mississippi! Not only was the Menge Flea Market rather large, with over 200 vendors, but there was a RV campground nestle behind the flea market. The campground offered bathrooms, washer/dryers and even Wi-Fi! We enjoyed staying at the campground because it was not very busy, had plenty of trees and offered a peaceful fishing pond! Not to mention to stay here for one month was very reasonable at $508.00!

This place was a wonderful stop for us. One reason is because of the location which was perfect for us. We were about 64 miles away from New Orleans. Plus, we had access to many popular Gulf coast cities (lots of tour stops). We did all sorts of street witnessing without a permit (click here, here, here, here and here). If you have ever done or thought of doing any sort of street witnessing, then you know firsthand all the red tape (rules and regulations) that is required just to stand on the public street and give free material away! We were very excited to know that we can do this without a permit.
The flea market at Menge is considered the largest outdoor flea market in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They remain open every weekend regardless of the weather. The Menge flea market has everything bargain hunters are looking for. New and used items, concession food, fresh produce, flowers, plants, furniture, crafts, books, DVD’s, clothing, tools, jewelry, toys, perfume, army surplus, Avon, garage sale stuff and so much more. Here are some pictures of the flea market parking lot:

The Menge Flea Market here in Mississippi is a very busy, popular stop for all those looking bargain shoppers. Here we are at our spot. Today we gave about 30 DVD’s away.

Here, way in the back you can see Brother Michael running our spot:

While out stretching our legs, we had to get a picture of Sister Linda t at “Linda’s Bowtique” a vendor here at Menge Flea Market. Nothing more special to make females feel and look feminine (as they were designed to be ladylike) than having colorful bows to put in our hair!  Each of us (male and female) should be wearing our birth garments that was given to us at birth. To learn more about this please read “Name that Gender” and “Gender Garments“)

Here at “Linda’s Bowtique” there were so many bows to choose from!

Some more pictures taken around the Menge Flea Market in Mississippi:

While at the Menge flea Market we met, some had a wonderful time socializing and witnessing to people there. Sadly, we were disappointment about the one prayer/healing booth that was telling people that they were healed only for the person not to be healed!  This is very dangerous ground to be walking on. How sad for that young child on crutches, to be told god healed him only to walk out of the booth desperately needing his crutches. These people used this innocent child for their own recognition, posting Facebook pictures of the little boy claiming he was healed!  Making such statements to a child could cause that child to hate anything Biblical! Each situation is different and thus we do not know the many reasons. For anyone to be claim, ‘your lack of faith has hindered your healing’ or that ‘your sin has caused this disease’ needs to repent! Instead of passing judgement each of us should have compassion an anyone who is suffering!

See you all at our next stop in Biloxi Mississippi Flea Market!