Our next stop was at the Finders Keeper Flea Market in Biloxi Mississippi! We have met some wonderful people while on the National Imposter tour, especially down here in the deep south. We found this flea market while staying in Pass Christian. We were very exciting to learn that through March the outdoor vendors can set up for FREE! How exciting is that? What a huge blessing for us! The average flea market fee is 25.00 bucks for one day! Here is Brother Danny setting up:

At Finders Keepers flea market people just set up wherever they want. Here are some pictures:

Despite this being a smaller flea market, with only nine vendors, we gave 15 DVD’s away. Praise Yahuwah! We always pray asking Yahuwah to bring who He wants to our spot so we can witness to whoever may need and whoever is open to receiving the truth!

See You all! Next stop, taking the Imposter tour to the streets of Mississippi and New Orleans!