Our next stop was the Gulfport, Krewe of Gemini Carnival Day Parade. We managed to park close to the parade line up. We had plenty of time to view the floats before the parade began.

Lots of people starting to line up to watch this parade:

As soon as the parade starting so did the loud music along with the throwing of beads, cups, stuff animals, flowers and all sorts of stuff:

Look at all those beads they are going to throw out to the parade watchers:

The Christian themed floats where more laid back. I don’t think they gave any beads away just handed out Christian tracts:

Some beads on a dog:

I think this was the longest float in the entire parade:

This parade was the more family oriented one. People seems happy to celebrate the pagan feast of Mardi Gras. As bystanders in the parade we did get a lot of beads, cups, flowers thrown at us:

See you all at our next Parade!