Our next stop was taking the Imposter tour to the streets in Biloxi, Mississippi during the Neptune Night Parade. This parade was the biggest one so far that we have seen. People were lined up for miles and miles just on the street we were at. The entire parade route was many streets.

To our left:

To our right:

People starting setting up hours before the parade even started. People had tents set up. Lots of grilling going on also. As we were driving by I even saw a motor home parked and set up!

Brother Michael performing and doing some street witnessing to some people:

A picture of the free literature to those who were interested:

Pictures of some of the parade floats:

This parade was long! When it ended this is the mess that was left behind.

One paraded that we didn’t go to but drove down one of the parade route streets, was nothing but broken BEADS! It was a total mess.

We pray that those who received the free material will be blessed by it. We hope we did a good job of planting the seed!

Next stop, the D’lberville/St. Martin North Bay Association Parade. Shalom everyone, see you there!