Our next stop was our Second time at the Menge Flea Market. Wow, what a different two weeks can make in how busy this flea market gets. I truly believe the people that have told us that in the summer months Menge Flea Market is extremely busy. All spots for vendors are taken. What is not to like about this flea market? This is a perfect spot for vendors and the bargain shoppers. Close to the beaches, right off the highway, yet nestled back off the road with camping, food and even live band! This is a very nice place. We were thrilled to get to set up here again for a second time. The only issue we have at this flea market is that you have to reserve your spot for the entire weekend! Sure, one can purchase their spot on Friday (which we did both times). However, we normally like to rest on the Sabbath ourselves! Nevertheless, we did set up but will not buy nor sell anything on the 7th Day Sabbath! Here are some pictures:

We gave away 65 DVD’s here at the Flea Market! Very good as we do not force anyone to take anything. We simple set up our booth and make ourselves available. All those who are interesting will stop and ask us questions. Here are some pictures:

Brother Danny and Sister Linda setting up some DVD’s!

Here they are waiting to talk to anyone that is interested:

Flea Markets always have interesting finds to say the least. While out stretching our legs, we found this huge 10 feet tall Sir Lancelot.

Shalom everyone, see you at our next tour stop!