Our next stop was the Duck Commander / Duck Dynasty Warehouse in West Monroe, Louisiana. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while. Give our videos to the Robertson Family. We desired to give it to them personally. Short on time, but in hopes of catching a member of the family at their warehouse we hurried on our way.

As we pulled out of the campground we saw a terrible aftermath of an accident. A fuel tanker truck drove off the exit ramp and onto the road below. Praise YAH there wasn’t a vehicle below as it crashed! We do not know details if the passenger of the truck was injured or fatal.

This was not the only accident we encountered on the highway! It is very important to pray for safety and protection while on the roads and highways. Even if you are simply leaving your home to drive a short distance. Always pray for safety before you set out.

We have seen many accidents along the highway as we travel. Here is another. This motor home busted up like a cardboard box. Our prayers go out to the family of all the passengers who lost their life. There were no survivors.

2 miles from the Duck Commander warehouse, right off the exit we had to stop. Brother Danny was having problems with his truck and had to pull over at the Walmart parking lot. We were so close! 5 minutes short from arrival we would not have made it in time for the business hours. We arrived when they were closed. Still determined, we put our DVDs in a brown paper bag, wrote a note to the Robertson Family and slid on the door. If any of the Duck Commander crew is reading this, we forgot to include Jase’s name on the letter!

We got a group selfie outside John Luke & Willie’s Snow Cone stand.

Until next time! We are going home and getting ready for Passover!