“My thorns will overtake his”,
is a promise from our YAH
His words are healing balm ~
when we’re scratched & clawed
The evil one enjoys pricking us
~ this is just a test
He wants us to fall & curse ~
forget, we’re from YAH’s nest
“My thorns will overtake his”,
should always warm our heart
Remind us where to turn ~
whenever we fall apart
If hurt by those we thought friends
~ then evil influence reigns
Gives us chance to overcome,
so we’re the one, who gains
“My thorns will overtake his”,
are words to oft repeat
As how ever life knocks us down
” He’ll help us to our feetPuts us Right side up,
by guiding us back to Him
Replaces each “crown of thorns”
~ with one, that’s glistening