It was to a fractured fellowship
That Tim and Bev came one day.
They soon learned there were those in our midst
Who loved singing praise songs as they.

An evening praise service let to growth
And a need for a place to meet.
So we rented a facility, and with them
Sat down at our Savior’s feet.

They did not put everything in cement
So we could never grow.
To cover the same material
Reminds you of what you know.

But you need new challenges of truth day by day
To keep you moving along.
You don’t want to get stagnant or stuck in mud
Clear your eyes ~ and sing a new song.

Like a pebble that fell in still waters,
Sending its ripples along
There came to our minds new challenges
There came to our hearts a song.

Like a thirst for new waters of knowledge
A drink stays it for a time.
But one must have more to feed the soul,
And always the well must prime.

And now they may not be with us for long
There’s a loss, who can fill their place?
But we must all trust in our Father above
To fill this empty place.

They will be a blessing to someone I know,
For they will be sent somewhere.
And the well of knowledge they dip from
Will bless those who meet with them there.