Let all that has life, give reverence to YAH

Let all that has breath, show how grateful we are

All that lives looks to YAH; the One Who feeds & sustains

Designed His universe in such detail, that nothing remains

In lack, or need; gave each the means & will to survive

Animals, birds, fish & plants; all given chances to thrive

Flora & fauna receive His water, air, much needed sunlight

His trees emit clean oxygen, they purify the air day & night

Allows growth to be fed, by nutrients placed in the earth

Set the seasons to turn; they sustain each cyclical birth

Offers many types of vegetables, fruits, grasses, wheats

And varieties of flesh, which provides us, with meats

The true provider of His creation; assorted life in abundance

Each growing according to, the timetable He grants

Such variety & splendour, for us to separate ~ or mix

Makes it possible for us to select, our favourite picks

In return YAH asks, that we remember Him & say Thanks

Frequently show our appreciation, regardless status or ranks

We must know how fully, on YAH we each depend

See Him as our true provider, not just as distant friend

We should want to nurture YAH, as He does us

Spend time with Him, until He enjoys the fuss

Shower our love in return, for all we get

Even dote on YAH, like a child or pet

YAH is the giver of life; selector of eternal salvation

We must honour His goodness; protect His reputation

Can’t let non-believers, sully His precious Name

Or allow them evil acts, & give YAH the blame

Love Him or deny Him ~ YAH still gives life to all

Forever only YAH Who decides, if we soar or fall

True provider to all His creation: which He so lovingly preserves

Honour & Love YAH daily; give Him esteem He so deserves