Yehezqel 37 mentions, of where two sticks
Will be joined together, to blend & mix
The House of Yahudah, with House of Yisra’el
Joined as family; in harmony to dwell
Much of Scripture describes, events to come
Giving us links to explain, the true Kingdom
A blessing of peoples, because of Yah’s grace
He’s preparing this gathering, as yet to take place
All yearn for the Promise, of Heavenly Father
To be Set Apart by joining, to precious YAH
Who will take both sticks, into His powerful hand
Meld them together, to make His Promised Land
YAHUSHUA ucwhy taught this, when He came to earth
Explained a process of Love, He called ‘new birth’
Then Mashiach took a large stick ~ known as a tree
By joining to this stick ~ He joined Himself to me !