When L. McGuire wrote the book, The Imposter, six years ago and when we began producing the movie a little more than three years ago we had no idea it would take off like it did. Before the movie was even finished we had hundred of preorders waiting for their copy. And still, three years after its completion we receive nearly at least 100 new orders each month, just for The Imposter; not to mention all our other movies. We here at the FOY ministry are simply amazed at how an extremely low cost movie called, “The Imposter” which was made in a camper, deep in the Wilderness Mountains of Montana, during the winter, has amazed thousands of people around the world. Truly, Yahuwah has His hand on this work. Nine months in the making with a computerized voice on very low quality film editing is still reaching people from all over. (Please Note: We have a new project lined up to digitally-remaster, edit and reproduce The Imposter with human narratives) Thousands and thousands of DVD’s have been given away from just within the FOY ministry and yet thousands more from others who copy and distribute them at home. We all want to Blow the Ram’s Horn, we thank you all for helping us get this message out there! Let us praise Yahuwah for creating us for this time to give meat in this due season! We continue to encourage everyone to please make as many copies of our DVD’s and share them with friends, co-workers and loved ones just get this message out to the people… NOW before night befalls upon us!

We want to give a special thank you to our Brother in Messiah, Ryan, for helping us get 5,000 more DVD’s ready for the next wave of cities on our Imposter Tour. Thank you Ryan!

First, we just want to let you know, before we left where we stayed for the Summer we were busy busy busy! In fact, when are we never busy? This Ministry is our lives. It is a full time job and many-a-days it’s overtime, especially during video production. But anyways, before we left we wanted to get a big stock-up on our DVDs. Five thousand to be exact. One thousand each of our five DVDs available. We go through at least several hundred a month; at least one hundred orders a month and each order is a request of all five DVDs. One thousand of each should last us to Spring. Michael and Daniel were very busy duplicating our DVDs, printing the DVDs and packing them into their individualized DVD case. Brother Ryan was able to give us a discount to get the DVD case insert sleeves printed professionally. They look beautiful! (pictured above)

We also want to thank Brother Ryan for the fabulously made t-shirts he helped us get.

Also do not forget we also have pens with the Imposter logo on them. If you would like some just let us know. We even have those popular rubber wristbands also. They say, “The Answer is in the Word” FollowersofYah.com. We plan to update our order form within the next weeks to come, adding these promotional items to the list.

If you have any low cost marketing ideas for us here at the FOY ministry please do not hesitate to share them. Thanks!

Speaking of marketing. Did we say we’ve been busy? We’ve been busy and we will continue to be busy. Since so many people came to our website from the banner that our friends from Texas put up a couple years ago we got to thinking… That is a fantastic way to get the message out there.
(YAHUWAH FORGIVE U.S. FollowersOfYAH.com :is what the banner says picture right)

Driving along the highway there are billboards everywhere when you come into a big city. We mean it when we say this message has to get out there to the people. The message of The Imposter and the False Armageddon. And it isn’t going to get out there all by itself.

We are going to get billboards setup all around the country. If you see a billboard available in your area PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL. (emailus@FollowersofYAH.com) We will call them right away to get the details and try to get a billboard setup there.

We’re not stopping there either! Flea Markets, Free Public Movie Showings, Billboards, our website and word of mouth can only do so much. We are going to advertise too! Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, we’re going to try AlexJones, Rense, etc. If there are other websites or means of advertising you know of please send us an email A.S.A.P.! (emailus@FollowersofYAH.com)

Yep, that’s right. We’re coming to a city near you! We are still in Florida and will remain here in the Florida Keys for the remainder of this month. We will be moving over to Cape Coral to visit some friends and to give our condolences to our dear Brother in Messiah, Barry. Brother Barry passed away on November 3rd, 2013. He had mentioned receiving a liver transplant a while back and was taking medication so his body wouldn’t reject the transplant. When we came to visit the group in Fort Meyers, Florida in the Spring of 2011, Barry was the first to greet us and offered us into his home to fellowship. He always wanted to Study the Scriptures with us. Barry was such a sweet man. Please remember Barry, his family and friends in your prayers.

After Cape Coral, Florida we plan to swing by Orlando, Florida to do some on-sight filming for our next movie project that is planned for completion before Sukkot 2014. We will still be here in Florida until the first week of January 2014. If you are here in Florida and want to meet up with us for fellowship or refer us to a flea market nearby to setup at, please let us know. Send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! (emailus@FollowersofYAH.com)

Once we leave Florida we are heading to Texas. But on our way we may stop in West Monroe, Louisiana. We are on a nationwide tour, we must reach as many people as we can. It is a goal of ours to stop in West Monroe, Louisiana at the Duck Commander warehouse and personally give the Robinson Family (stars of the reality show, Duck Dynasty) each of our DVDs. We’ll be sure to get a picture and let you know how that goes!

Why are we heading to Texas you ask? Texas is where we began our Nationwide Tour March 2011. We have been invited to a wedding! As much of a miracle as it is for a dear Sister of ours to get married it is even more of a miracle that Sister Felicia is alive and still with us here today after the tragic accident that occurred in May 2011. Felicia has been asked to be a bride’s maid at that wedding. Meanwhile, when we are in Texas, we plan to do many more tour stops, weather permitting. If you are in Texas and want to meet up for fellowship or help us arrange a showing or refer us to a flea market nearby to setup at, please let us know. We’d love to meet you! Send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! (emailus@FollowersofYAH.com)

After Texas in January, not sure yet. We are waiting on Yahuwah to guide us a give us direction of where to go. Perhaps He will put it upon your heart to send us an email to come to where you are? We’d love to hear from you! (emailus@FollowersofYAH.com)