YAH Please forgive us, when our faith is not strong
Or lack the ability to correct, what appears as wrong
And those times when we pray, yet can’t quite believe
We’ll have guidance; find peace; clear answers receive
Be patient when we study Scripture, and still not yet see
How Your Word explains all there is now; plus what is to be
Sometimes we can’t grasp or decipher, the symbolic meaning
We desire further help, to gain fuller gleaning
Need confidence to confirm understanding, when we openly share
All that is written; given; what really is there
We strive much to remember; take in; gladly learn
Embrace the flame strong enough, that we actually burn
Have our flame glowing bright; never fade or diminish
Only YAH’s Truth will sustain us; enable each to finish
When we are under attack, please meet our need to heal
Whether days or weeks, let us still treasure Your seal
When we feel lost or alone ~ You’re already where we are !
We gain YAH’s Love & understanding,
when we confess “ H a l l e l u Y A H ” ! !