It’s a great wonder, to think of the word “wife”
Along with Yahuah, she’s the meaning of “life”
Together they go, through the process of birth
The value of ‘woman’, is above ‘treasure on earth’
That’s why Eve, was the latter one made
And Yah’s Final creation, after Adam had prayed
Now totally satisfied, with His handi – work
Yah took rest, as up Adam did perk
A Best Friend & Wife ~
who would share in his Love
What a precious gift, from the Creator above !
This is the first record, of a true marriage
Setting a standard, that’s way above average
Woman is the one, who is soft & tender
Complementing the man, who’s a strong defender
Serving each other, the best that they can
Uniting as one, is part of Yah’s plan
Husband plus wife, become Yah’s family
This remains His plan, for all eternity !