Rev. 18: 4 says to come out of the system, revealed as Babylon
We must understand how pagan worship, is ever evil, & wrong
YAH retains His compassion ~ until Truth we’ve been told
But once explained ~ know it’s only YAH, we behold !
There no more excuses, such as: “but He knows my heart”
Yes He really does ! so don’t ignore, making a start
To please Him, by esteeming Him worthy to obey
All His commandments as given; YAH is the ‘only Way’
He desires us to be Set Apart; to love; Scriptures learn
Have our hearts aflame ~ for YAH only, they burn
Remove filthy teachings; bathe in YAH’s deep cleanse
Starting with ourselves, then sharing with our friends
Just how much error, keeps getting grafted in
No matter how oft it’s blended, evil is wilful sin !
We must find the strength, to turn ourself around
Come out of the grave; live the new Life we’ve found
Look to YAH’s Truth; deny every Babylon system
Open our mind to receive ~ Yah’s love in wisdom
Embrace His pure Truth; treasure His true Word
Separate Light from dark, to clearly see we have heard
His Love ~ not hate; YAH wants each of us to find
True Mashiach ~ only He can remove, Babylon’s bind
Release us from the system, of enslaving rules
Penetrate with YAH’s deep cleanse, which in turn fuels
The Set Apart Spirit, to fully open our eyes
Awaken each to ‘only Way’ “be chosen”, can materialize