The storms you’re in now,
will have to cease
At Yah’s command,
all winds must ‘freeze’
Whether on sea or land,
you’ll feel the air “be still”
All comes to order ~
at Yah’s spoken Will
All tempests that blow,
reduced to tempest in a tea pot
And crashing downpours,
become merely a wet spot
Arid deserts of biting,
and blowing sands
Are just sands in a timer
~ in Yah’s Mighty hands
Remember how much He loves you;
how deeply He cares
How much He wants you to win,
& how often He bares
Yahushua [WSh] offered His back,
front, head, & blood
Frequently trudged many a mile,
through deserts and mud
He too spent much time,
in agonizing pain
That when He was able,
to return again
To His Father,
He begged blessings for you
Asked for compassion;
receive ev’ry promise due
Complete healing to come;
anxiety melt & go
Fears to shrink away;
enabling peace to grow
Understanding to replace,
any questions of doubt
Words of Love to gently flow,
like a fountain spout
Know YAH enjoys arranging,
how to bless and please
Yahuah hwhy will turn your tempest,
into a gentle breeze