All women need to be Loved, cherished, & cared for
Told they are Special, have value for sure
Compliments are welcome, when sincere
Affection’s the sweetest word ~ women like to hear
Given such gentle souls ~ they’re the first ones to calm
Stormy situations ~ once tamed, cause less harm
Respect is treasured ~ so acknowledge a working brain
Give women chance to speak, allow them to explain
What they are thinking, what they need, & feel
Make time to discuss, for what it is, they appeal
See the beauty of the person, glowing from within
So much treasure to behold ~ inside their skin
Women vary in colours ~ from light to dark hues
All are soft to touch, with most willing to lose
Their heart to Love you ~ ask little in return
Yes, women are precious, so Please take time to learn
:How much they contribute, & how much they care
How often they get left out ~ yet first ones to share !