Investing your life in a church, leaves you blindly entrenched

Drowning in abominations; you’ll perish when fully drenched

Right now soaked to the skin, but you’ll get gripped to the bone

Be impossible to get out ‘from under’, you’ll just cry & moan

You won’t see ‘outside of church doors’, anything else is true

Claiming if it really was Scripture ~ they would show it to you

Sorry, but church isn’t really interested, in your true salvation

As feed you stories, knowing you’ll believe their explanation

This only benefits the church, & its self-appointed ‘leaders’

Who keep you in bondage, by twisted ‘controlling feeders’

If only snippets of information accepted; & never the whole

You’ll perish in judgment, won’t see YAH’s seal on your soul

Sent in the wrong direction, so you do not really love YAH

But worship devil & his host of heaven ~ the sun, ☼ a star !

YAH has warned those who won’t listen, who accept the lie

Will be given over to strong delusion, for wanting names in the sky

This will lead to your, eventual destruction

The destroyer wins ! Caught in his powerful suction

Please remove yourself now ~ before it’s too late

Please open to YAH, & close any faith in ‘fate’

YAH sent His Son, to correct many a wrong

He gave us Scripture to study, for however long

It takes for us to Love, worship, honour, obey

Realise only YAH & His Truth, remain the only ‘Way’

Please know I love you ~ don’t want you to perish

So please warm up to YAH ~ only His Word cherish

There is only One Name above heaven ~ & that’s Mashiach

YAHUSHUA is our true salvation; the One calling you back