Dear Lady ~ YAH’s called you, to do certain works for Him
He decided you’re one of His Lights ~ no other can ever dim
Chose you because of : your Love, giving, & service
Knew you’d give Him ”Your All ‘; His mark you’ll never miss
He is aware how hard it is ; how much you struggle & toil
Suggests to re-read that He too, has angry thoughts that boil
YAH’s counting up the blessings, to bestow on you
Tho’ you haven’t yet received, more than just a few
He delights in storing them up, to give out later on
Not one will be forgotten, reduced down, or gone
These pains will soon come, to YAH’s chosen end
He will prove how much He Loves, as a true Friend
He wants you to know, ‘Your All’ you give Him now
Is returned by His Wise Love, so you can figure how
To withstand the evil rejections, the dishonesties
Those ‘dirty tricks’ will wish they’d shown, you more loyalties
YAH knows each one of them, will call them all out
Then shower you with His blessings ~ you’ll HalleluYAH shout !
You will be rewarded His special way, before very long
With blessings oh so precious, warm, & gently-strong
Know how much you are truly Loved ~ for who you really are ~
A Special Lady picked out by :
Super Special YAH !