+The Little Flock Has Not Been Spared

notbeensparedThe F.O.Y. ministry knows that the information that has recently came out about Lew White from Fossilized customs is quite shocking. Mr. White has not denied being half owner of the store called “Electric Ladyland”. Despite this store selling tobacco products, demonic rock music, pipes, bongs, and specializing in drug paraphemalia the most disturbing in all this is the fact that the store is open for business on the Sabbath. As many of us know the Torah says “even the stranger within your gates shall not work (Shemoth 20:12).” Yet ‘Electric Ladyland’ which is owned by a man whom is supposed to be a Torah observant Sabbath keeper not only makes a profit from the store being open on the Sabbath but pays employees to work on the Sabbath. This is against the very Torah Mr. White claims to believe in no matter which way you slice it or dice it. The sad truth is Mr. Lew White from Fossilizedcustoms.com and TorahZone.net is not the only ministry to sell on the Sabbath. There are other ministries that will sell their products on the Sabbath as well. In these situations we must pray for true repentance. Let us not forget that when one part of the Body of Messiah suffers then all members suffer. Let us therefore come together, earnestly praying for each one of us to live by every word of Yahuwah. Let us not stray to the left or to the right.

As I have alerted many of you in previous articles we need to be on the lookout for ANY ministry that sells you their products. We are told the following in Mathew chapter ten verse eight, You have received without paying, give without being paid.” The F.O.Y. ministry has clearly not sold the truth for profit. Come on beloved ones, when one has freely received the truth from the Ruach Ha Qodesh how in the world can anyone put a price tag on something that was given to them by the Rauch? You cannot. That is why the we are 100 percent free ministry. Many have asked us how we are able to do what we do…it is simple we trust in Yahuwah and not in man.

Therefore the F.O.Y. ministry tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth no matter how disturbing the truth might be. We are not here for handfuls of barley as other ministries are. We are hear to blow the Ram’s Horn using every means possible to reach the lost sheep of Yisra’el.  I remember when I wrote the Universal Circle Dance one brother who sings told me, “You knew you would not be popular after writing this book!” You know what he was right. I told him about that book in hopes he would share this with others.  Even Lew White said (quoted from the book), “Any form of circumbulating is of pagan source.” Yet these two brothers have not mentioned anything about the Hebrew roots dance movement. Ask yourself why? Are they afraid they would not be popular anymore? Hmmm! We were the first ministry of it’s kind to expose the very dangerous Noahide Laws. Again knowing how dangerous these lamb like laws are (indeed many of us called out ones will die from) there should be more believers shouting this from the rooftops. However the big messianic merchants will not talk about these. Ask yourself why? I know why!  We were also the first to expose the False Armageddon (please see book and movie) and what the real Strong Delusion is (See the Imposter book and now available the Imposter movie). Those who tell half truths will not expose these matters because it is not in their, not yours but their best interest to talk about such matters. Since we are not here to tickle the ears we have blown the Ram’s Horn on these matters and more. As the curtain of this earth age comes to a rapid closing the line is being drawn.

“What I mean is this, that each of you says,  “I am a follower of Sha’ul (Paul)”, or “I am a follower of Apollos”, or “I am a follower of Kepha (Peter)”, or “I am a follower of Messiah.” -1 Chorinthians 1:12

We cannot follow after a man or a woman. People would tell us that they are a follower of Lew White. Others claim that Mr. Michael Rood is indeed one of the two witnesses and they follow him. I by no means am implying Mr. Lew White or any other ministry desires self esteem. However what I am saying is that the flock will do this.

See problems arise once one lifts a man or in some cases a woman over the Messiah Yahushua. Many have gone from the Christian mentality to now a Messianic mentality to uplift a man or a woman. Years ago Yahuwah told me that I am to sign my name as L. McGuire. This is the very reason why Yahuwah told me to do this. Who I am does not matter only the words that I speak shall matter. It is easy for one to be lifted up either by their own ego or because others have lifted them up. All members of the body are equal; we all have issues, trials and tribulations that we must overcome. Now more than ever we, the called out ones, must pray for one another. Aren’t we all Followers of Yahushua? Then let us lift our Savior, our Redeemer, our Bridegroom, our Passover Lamb up!  He told us, “If I be lifted up I shall draw all men unto me.” Yohanan 12:32.