Holiday Parades
To the world we are quickly approaching “the most favorite time of the year.” With the spirit of Mithras on the rise, we Yahudim see this season for what it truly is. This time of year is filled with greed, wanton, debauchery; myths, lovers of pleasure, depression, suicide, lies and falsehood to say the least. Some of these people are ignorant of what is taking place while the majority is just to world friendly to change. If you have ever wanted to find a way to share the truth (which by the way is the best gift in the entire world can receive is Yahushua) with many people all at one time may we suggest taking advantage of your local holiday parade. You can stand amongst the people and distribute tracts, books and DVD’s. Take full advantage of working in Yahuwah’s great vineyard. Soon darkness will be upon us and it will be against the law to be a Follower of the Way!
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