Signs of the Times – Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

   Sadly, all this is simply not good as many are losing their lives, families being torn up and when these people cannot get their fix they will stoop to unthinkable ways to get it. If these drugs are not doing the damage that they have been created to do then according to some, they are wanting to now make it mandatory for adults to be jabbed with poisonous cocktails of vaccines:



What I find very disturbing is the recent news in how forced vaccinates just might be on the horizon.

For anyone to force any human to put something in their body against their will is a human right violation! And what is interesting is that they know whoever gets vaccinated is indeed contagious.

   Measles outbreak erupts at Disney World. Before the outbreak took place, a show called Daredevil talked about a measles outbreak. And still, we continue to hear of horrible stories such as about a woman who died after getting the measles vaccine. And many people continue to be suffering with horrible side effects from vaccines.

If it’s not the vaccines being pushed and possibly enforced on the people some within the human race continue to destroy earth’s natural resources. Recently the EPA released a toxic bomb of waste into. Animas River. Here the EPA is to protect the environment yet this event has caused major environmental hazards. The fallout from this one event will leave it’s ugliness for years to come. This junk will accumulate into the soil and down in the wells. This can be very bad say if this get into the rice fields as eating that could cause a person to get poisoned.


s23   So here the EPA has stopped people from getting water from their private wells amongst other issues while those in the state of California simply do not even have water. This is the biggest drought ever recorded in history.

Many cities are running out of water! The state even imposed water restrictions. Taking long showers could end up costing someone 500 bucks!

   According to one Nasa Scientist California would run out of water within a year. To grow food one needs water. Mad max is a glimpse of how the drought in California is. Like this state don’t have enough to deal with that now there was a major oil spill off their shores recently! Then there is major toxic algae off the west coast.

We know as outlined within the Imposter DVD how with HAARP technology they have the ability to withhold water causing a drought or sending water to any location they want. Something to think about in knowing that the Euphrates River is drying up:

We continue to see massive animal deaths which could be caused by Haarp:

   If they are able to send rain to this location or a drought to another area then they are more than capable of sending massive storms to anywhere:
Some calling the flood in Texas the flood of the millennium.

s27 s28 Temperatures were indeed rising as some places are setting record highs:
Even the state of Alaska has been warming up.
Some pictures of California’s drought here.

They also have the power to cause earthquakes:s30 s31 
s32    Geo-engineered weather will continue more so the closer we get to the Strong Delusion as remember all this bad weather is supposed to be Yahuwah’s wrath being poured out. Yet the truth is this is Man’s Wrath by Weather Manipulation that will escalade now that homosexuals can get married and since Obama has turned his back on the state of Israel.
Let us called out one never forget that they create the crisis then usher in the solution! This is called crisis management.

   Take for instance the deadly bird flu that has struck the states hard. Did you know in recent years they were really pushing for poultry owners to vaccinate their flocks for the Avian flu Virus? Well, coincidentally the news reports started pouring in daily of new cases of the Avian flu in poultry early this year.


Same with the current outbreak of the dog flu. They were pushing the vaccines on dog owners and what happened shortly thereafter? A borderline epidemic outbreak of the Dog Flu! We never heard of a dog flu growing up! The vaccines did it!

s38   We can only wonder what really sparked the recent plague that has been spreading in Colorado:

I thought the dog flu was over. Cases are being reported in PetSmart!

Something seems to be causing the sharks to get more violent as there has recently been a rise in shark attacks.

In other news, a new shot is now available to sterilize a dog.

If that don’t stop the procreation of dogs, the wicked ones are hoping that pet owners will feed their furry friends anti-freeze that comes in nice packaging labeled dog food.

   And then when the furry pet is gone, you can still keep them by having them freeze dried!
How sad in knowing animal tattooing is still occurring.

   So many webs have been spun in trying to destroy the human race and here is another one that needs to be mentioned. One way to cause certain destruction is when one has the ability to literally take control over someone’s vehicle. One man said his car stopped right in the middle of traffic while taking his daughter to school.

Speaking of vehicles, normally one would believe that whenever someone purchases a car or even a tractor they own it right? According to GM that is not how it works any more, you don’t own it, you simply purchased a license to use it.

What is being purchased is the usage or license to use during the life of the car instead of ownership. In some situations the person has to renew yearly. When someone sells the car they have to purchase another license just to run the car. Ownership is gone so is the year of release the Torah says we are to do. These crooked people have taken away property ownership. Bit by bit freedom is being taken away.

   First head transplant occurred by the end of 2017!

This is very Frankenstein-ish. Yet at the same time this involves the spirit and physical realm. I find it interesting that this will be done by the end of 2017 and according to some by the same year all Americans are to be micro-chipped!

Speaking of micro-chipped, many Australians said they would get a chip implanted in them to pay for stuff.

There is even brain chips out now

Some are wanting brain implants by year 2017!

Some other chips.

By the end of this year could we see the swipe and sign credit card come to an end.

   This world seems to get dumber and dumber as now there is a so called smart pill on the market that is claimed to help people stay sharp. Reminds me of that movie called, Limitless. I for one don’t personally need to take a smart pill to figure out something is not right when China decided to make maxi-pads radioactive.

Bill Gates has started funding a new birth control called micro-chip! A woman could have this implanted into her skin that would be good in her body for 16 years. If she wants to get pregnant all she has to do is turn the switch off!
l09Recently a new doll has been created called “Dammit Doll“. One can take their frustrations out on this doll by hitting the walls or desk with it! This is just real close to a voodoo doll if you ask me. So if someone gets at another person mad they are to take their anger out on this doll. Well you know the entire time they are going to be thinking of the person they are upset at. What is this world coming to?

The world is going down fast as never before we are seeing major things occur. A major and historical nuke deal was recently made with Iran,

I have already written much about how Yahushua is weeping over the millions of lives being murdered through the means of abortion but that is not good enough for some. If Hilary Clinton has her way, she would change religious beliefs of this country to further the advancement of women’s health care, birth control and abortion.

Even the Obama administration has made rules that are requiring charities to send refuges to abortion facilities all to further feed the “god of this world” with slaughtering of the innocent.

“He said he performed many of the sacrificial abortion rituals at the clinics of “a large abortion provider,” but he would not identify the provider for fear of lawsuits.”

“Seidman described the abortion clinic where her mother worked as “pervaded with occult imagery and practices.” The employees considered abortion “a form of sacrifice,” and would perform the procedure as a sort of ritual. They worshiped pagan deities embodying death, she told Life Site News.”

    This is the same evilness that has been going since the way back when they were passing the children through the fire for Molek.

But if the elite have it their way parents don’t even own their children:
   That could be why some just think they have control over the children. Like this parent who was banned from seeing his daughter in the dentist. He rans in anyway and what he saw was very shocking:

Since when did living off grid become illegal:

   This world has gotten so bad that even Ben Carson feels there won’t be another election:


There recently was a nationwide exorcism in Mexico:
s16l10   You know it almost rock bottom when the words are removed from the Scriptures to justify sin. Humanity  continues to mess with the Scriptures. To please the gay community the Queen James Version Bible has been put together. Words such as homosexual have been removed to not offend anyone. As this group of people clearly want to sugar coat their sin, trying to justify their abomination. They can try to white out the truth but as Yahushua said, Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall by no means pass away.” (Matthew 24:35)

The Muslim have been getting a friendlier version of the Scriptures also.

Wycliffe has been removing words such as “Son of God” with “Messiah of God” and “God the Father” with words like ‘’guardian.” Some even say that they are using Allah for God!
Even though Wycliffe reports they have not done this, what I find interesting is that there has been a petition against them and that they have been pulling versions.
It is so bad that even the Muslims are starting to make prediction one when Jesus will return:

    According to them the Mahdi will return sometime in 2016 and Jesus will return in 2022. The anti-messiah may show up in 2016/2017 but not Yahushua. Yep there just goes that erroneous teaching called Daniel’s Timeline. I won’t even mentioned how many people quit talking to us just because we weren’t on that bandwagon. As I’ve mentioned before and will continue to say, Yahushua will not return in 2017. First the anti-messiah shows up, then the Imposter shows up and then at the 7th Trump Yahushua shows up! These false date setters need to stop! That is not to say the other side is not getting matters ready for this strong delusion.

Their agenda is working as now we are hearing that “God” is pouring out His judgment:
    See this is what I have been talking about. This is all part of the plan to deceive us into thinking this is Yahuwah’s judgment when in fact this is man’s wrath. They are working to get this scene ready to receive its fallen star the Imposter. They’ve been getting the Temple altar ready. Source 1 & Source 2.

Even the Muslims are in the mood to rebuilt as they recently built the Tower of Babel they say.

The Pope has been very busy also:
s08 s07  s06 

s04  s03

The Pope was even asking people to read this book. Click image below for link:
Taking all this into consideration now we can understand more in-depth what the Pope meant when he said we should not offend other faiths.


   I can relate to what he is saying yet at the same time I’m thinking more like are kidding me? You cannot have freedom of speech without offending other faiths. See the RCC removed all forms of the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah in song and in word as not to offend the Jewish people. The point here is, who is to say how far that can go? To some Jews it is an insult for non-Jews to wear tzit tzit. So the followers are not permitted to wear these because another group is insult by it? I speak a truth, there will be religious tolerance for all faiths except the one true Faith of Yahushua! Under order of the Noahide Laws, (Imposter) it is also wrong to believe in Yahushua, as apparently some are insulted by others whom believe He is the Son of Yahuwah! The time is coming and soon will be be here that whoever speaks about Him will be accused of causing mental harm and insulting others!

Personally I would not want to be doing what they are doing as the Scriptures are clear:

“and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, Elohim shall take away his part from the Book of Life, and out of the set-apart city, which are written in this Book.”-Revelation 22:19

   What shocker to find out that there has been a website designed just so people can cheat on their spouse. I had no clue there was such an online service like this.

Pentagon teams up with Apple and Boeing to develop wearable tech

   Clearly so much is occurring at an astonishing rate that it is close to impossible to keep up with all the global happenings. The present state of affairs can be extremely depressing if one allows their entire being to get entangled in the cares of this world. Are you ready beloved ones?

   Each time I write these newsletters I am just amazed over how much closer we, our generation is getting closer to seeing the blessed hope of our Bridegroom Yahushua! He will be coming in the clouds with a massive group with Him. But first I beseech each and every single one of you to not be deceived by the strong delusion. The Imposter comes first in the clouds with its group also. Please remember that this will be a Strong Delusion that if it were possible (not now cause we have been warned) even the elect would be deceived!


   Now is the time for all called out ones everywhere to put on the complete amour of Yahuwah…

“… for you to have power to stand against the schemes of the devil. Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual matters of wickedness in the heavenlies. Because of this, take up the complete armour of Elohim, so that you have power to withstand in the wicked day, and having done all, to stand. Stand, then, having girded your waist with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,  and having fitted your feet with the preparation of the Good News of peace;  above all, having taken up the shield of belief with which you shall have power to quench all the burning arrows of the wicked one.  Take also the helmet of deliverance, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of Elohim…” Ephesians 6:11-17

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