The Imposter Tour #8 & Update on Sister Linda and Miracle Maiden Felicia

 After a long winter in Southeastern Michigan it was time to continue with the tour!

  First, we want to thank everyone for keeping Sister Linda in your prayers. Last winter when she went into the hospital was a big scare for us all. Many Medical Tests and examinations led to the discovery that Sister Linda was suffering from the onset of Celiac Disease as of May 17th, 2011. Ever since the family witnessed Felicia’s accident of being struck by a 70mph dodge ram truck resulted in devastating effects on the family. When that truck hit Felicia, it hit the entire household. With the 2 year anniversary coming up (May 17th) since the accident occurred we also would like to thank everyone for their prayers for our Family when we needed them the most. Please continue to keep our family (especially Sister Linda and Felicia) and our humble Ministry in your prayers.

  If anyone out there also has Celiac Disease, Sister Linda would greatly appreciate an email or message of encouragement ( Celiac Disease is a deadly disease. Because of the seriousness of that the risks of wheat and gluten are with Sister Linda’s situation, the entire household has gone gluten free since late fall. Which means if you ever come to one of our showings, you will have a Gluten Free meal waiting for you. From the damaging effects Gluten has done to Sister Linda’s digestive system and intestines, the last year has been very hard for her. She was having an extremely hard time maintaining her weight (yet alone keeping the weight) and absorbing the nutrients she consumed. After a drastic weight-loss, thankfully, within the last couple months she is gaining the weight back! HalleluYAH! Isn’t this wonderful?!? The next step to recovery for Sister Linda is to regain her strength, continue to gain weight, the ceasing of her frequent abdominal pain and be healthy again! Please keep Yahuwah’s beautiful daughter in your prayers for her full complete 100% health and recovery.

  As for Sister Felicia. For those of you who would like an update. She is still recovering with what the Doctors say to be ‘permanent’ health problems that may worsen; multiple daily seizures, daily chronic pain, numerous headaches, short-term memory loss, partial loss of taste and smell, excessive hair loss and ringing in the ear, are just to name a few of the many problems she has to suffer with each day. Also, since Sister Felicia had internal hemorrhaging, along with a severe traumatic brain injury from the accident in May 2011, she is dealing with Perimenapausal symptoms.

  These two women of YAH won’t let poor health get in the way with YAHUWAH’s Ministry. Still, today, day by day, everyday and many days, ALL day… they continue to do this work. Linda and Felicia will not let HaShatan get the best of them. Despite all they have gone through… they are never ending Temple Builders! Are You?

  Our next stop was in Chesterfield, Michigan. Since it was such a long drive from our cozy winter cottage; the whole crew was unable to make the trip. Brother Danny and Sister Felicia went, leaving behind weak Sister Linda, Daniel (the photographer) and Michael home.
  Since we do all the producing for our materials, with the upcoming Summer and showing in Chesterfield we had to stock up for the upcoming season. Which means, burning, labeling and printing. Michael and Daniel did a great job helping.

We need 500 DVDs burned? No problem. I’ll just pop 4 DVDs in at a time and the job will be done in no time!

 We can’t forget the many hours Daniel spent printing each individual DVD.

Placing the DVD onto the specially designed printer tray.

Press Ok.

Wait 2-3 minutes to print and out comes a freshly printed DVD. Wait a few seconds for it to dry and then its ready for the next step.

  After all the time consuming work of printing onto and burning DVDs, placing them in their cases, printing the labels to slide into the case, they are finally ready for storage to distribute..

  Sister Linda made the dinner, with the help with Brother Danny! Gluten Free Spaghetti Casserole. She is such a super great cook!

Sister Linda stirring the hamburger with chopped onions.





Checking on the pasta noodles cooking.


Brother Danny stirring the ground beef while Sister Linda adds the spices.



The pasta noodles are ready.

Time to add the Spaghetti sauce!

So good you can’t tell it’s Gluten Free!
Now I know you want to grab a bite through your screen.

Meanwhile, Michael was
making the sign for the showing!


Michael did a great job!

  When we got to the Inn is was a race against the clock. We would have taken more pictures but it took an extra hour or so to get there because of the traffic in downtown Detroit, Michigan. With only 45 minutes to setup we did the best we could

  First, we want to thank Brother Jessie who found the place for us to rent, passed out 2,000 fliers with some friends in Detroit and its surrounding cities. This would not have been possible without Brother Jessie’s help.


The room for the showing after Danny and Brother Jessie finished setting up.


Assembling the sign to place out in the hall.


With only seconds to spare, we were able to get everything setup just as we heard some of the guests walking down the hall.

Here are some views of our FREE table:

Happy New Year!

The Ten Commandment plaque, a gift given to us from a dear family we met during the Wichita Kansas, showing in Fall 2011.


All of our DVDs were there. The Imposter, The Great Conspiracy, The False Armageddon and The Temple Builders. Have you ordered your free package today? If not do so now!


Brother Danny introducing himself, giving a short introduction, and announcing dinner.


Sister Felicia presenting a short F.Y.I. of WHO we are, WHAT we do and WHY.

  This was the first showing all believers show up. Even though only close to 15 people attended this showing, we were not discouraged! Everyone was able to connect and fellowship. They had a great time! What was expected to be a public free dinner and movie (The Imposter) showing ended up being a blessing. Instead, since everyone already saw The Imposter numerous times we all watched The Temple Builders. We at the F.O.Y. Ministry want to thank everyone who drove out to Chesterfield, Michigan to meet us! It was such a blessing to receive your words of encouragement and support in knowing our work is appreciated by the thousands of believers worldwide. The small kind words everyone has given us over the years encourages us to continue this work.

(we wanted to take pictures of the others who attended but didn’t get to because they left before we remembered to take a photo.)


So far two showings in Michigan. You never know. We might just do a third. If you are in Michigan and would like us to come to your town or city, send us an email! (








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  1. Marisol Santiago says:

    Barach Yahuwah….
    For who he is, for what he does and is doing. Barach Felicia and the Family. Yahuwah has Barach your family with much love, patience, comfort….and best of all strength. He has carried and continues to carry your family. I so dearly admire Felicia for her endurance and strenghth…in the midst of all her pain. The family for also enduring with much pain and sorry. As it reads in scripture, Romans 8:28 -And we know that all work together for good for those who love Yahuwah, for those who are called according to His purpose.

    Yahuwah continue to Barach and keep you in Yahushuwahs name. HalleluYah!

  2. Leo McCann (Cindy) says:

    Thanks for staying in touch with us. May our Father bless your efforts.

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