They Have Despised My Name -OFFICIAL MOVIE TRAILER

They Have Despised My Name Official MovieTrailer
Available on DVD July 2013
FOY Film Productions
By F. Martin & L. McGuire
Narrated by Craig Stevenson & Yahuchanan Lomas

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3 Responses to They Have Despised My Name -OFFICIAL MOVIE TRAILER

  1. Yes, They have also despised the Name above all other names that was given to the Son, Ha Mashiach YaHuWaH, for there is only ONE NAME that is the Name ABOVE all other names and that name is YaHuWaH. The Name that was given to His Son:

    Php 2:9 Therefore Almighty Loving YA of All Creation again highly exalted Him and gave to Him “The Name above every name,”
    Php 2:10 that at The Name of יהוה (YaHuWaH), every knee should bow, of those in the ShamaYAim, those on Earth and those under the Earth.

    Until His People accept His Son who has been given authority over Heaven and Earth… Until THAT Ya’om, and until they accept this IN THE APPOINTED NAME that He received from His Father, namely YaHuwaH, yes until that day His people cannot move forward sadly…

    Will Pride cause this truth to be hidden, much like the Fathers Name that has been hidden for all these centuries? I pray we overcome and accept this crucial truth and move forward together. aHleleuWYaH!

  2. This is so good, I love this it is great and wonderful, may Yahuwah blessed and keep you all Shalom, happy Shabbath

    • Shalom and Greetings,

      Hope you are having a bless day. Thank you for letting us know you have been blessed by the DVD. If you would like to some to pass out just let us know.

      L. McGuire

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