Important Ordering Information

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-L. McGuire

  Brothers and Sisters, we have wonderful news to share, Yahuwah is calling His people out from all the world’s religions. People from all corners of the earth are indeed waking up hearing His call! Oh HalleluYah!

 We have personally witnessed this through our ministry. But more so recently we are seeing more and more being blessed by the work that we have been doing in Yahuwah’s great vineyard! We have been receiving requests from places we have never even heard of before. Our DVDs are going places such as Times Square, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, India, Iran, Indonesia, Japan and many other worldwide locations! We are so amazed at all the requests coming in.

With so many request and especially those outside the States, please understand that we can only ship out so many at a time. We are a very small group here. To mail one small package outside the states cost around $10.00 to $14.00. That is just one package, it is nearly $45 for a box! When we are getting hundreds of orders per month clearly at times we are going to get behind. Try to understand the F.O.Y. ministry is just a group of five! For these reasons, all in state orders will now have to be shipped at the cheaper media rate. The cheaper rate will help us greatly in mailing outside the United States. However, media mail can and many times does take longer to receive. We are a free ministry doing everything we can and some of you just have to be patient! A regular package consists of our FREE tracts and 4 DVD’s! We are the only ministry that will mail hundreds of DVDs worldwide for free! Remember this, especially everyone who lacks in patience.

For a look behind the scenes of the FOY Production Ministry watch this video:

If you are able to burn DVDs and need our DVDs now and cannot wait, did you know you can download our full DVD folder files and burn them at home today!

Click on the movie title to download. Depending on your internet connection it may take a couple to few hours.






Thank You.
L. McGuire

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8 Responses to Important Ordering Information

  1. Laneice Hicks says:

    Hello I would like to request a mailing of all dvds if possible I would love to show my family. Praise Yah I found this site despite the hypocritical

  2. Grace B says:

    Thank you so much for the DVD package. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I would like to have some tracks to pass out in my community and surrounding areas. My address is: Grace Browne, 1406 Fortingale Circle, Sandston, Va. 23150. I am trying to reach as many people as I can for the kingdom. There is much work to be done and so little time. There is an urgency to reach YAHUAH’S people. I am a willing vessel for the FATHER, please send me what I need. Thank you so very much for your help.

    Yours in YAHUAH

  3. nick says:

    you are doing very good work iam in the uk, and try to follow the way you are teaching very stressfull at the minute as got health problems and my daughter going through a lot but trusting in ha shem, bless you all keep up the good work

    • Shalom Nick,

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. How are matter going with your health and your daughter? We look forward to hearing from you.

      L. McGuire

  4. Yahannah Yisrael says:

    HalleluYah! It is so wonderful to see there are believers in the Great State of Montana. Even if there are only five of you. There are 8 of us here in this desert, 70 miles south of Alpine. Yahvah gave us this land for a refuge for His people. We moved here from Eureka, Montana. My sister still lives in Butte. How far are you from there? May Yahvah bless your work there. Your Sis, Yahannah

    • Shalom and Greetings Yahannah,

      Hope you are having a bless day. Thank you for getting in touch with us. The state of MT is so pretty. When we were in MT we were quite hours from Butte. We were more North and East close to Bonner’s Ferry, ID. If you need anything just let us know.

      L. McGuire

  5. Judi says:

    What a great idea to show everyone how it all “works”. It brought tears to my eyes. Bless you all
    Sister Judi

    • Thank You, Yahuwah bless you. HalleluYAH.

      The FOY Production Video ‘Behind the Scenes’ was filmed last winter. The prices of shipping have gone up exceedingly just within the last two weeks. Have you seen the in the news that the Post Office will not longer ship on Saturdays for budget cuts?

      The McGuire Family

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