Praise Yahuwah with Psalm & Thanksgiving!

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  1. The Voice of Perfect Love!

    This poem is a reflection of a time when I was sick of deception. I wanted to know The Truth about life. It was a difficult time full of pain and disappointment; a time of believing lies and false perceptions. I screamed out to God for answers and I wanted, no, I needed the absolute truth. Raw Truth with no “warm fuzzies”. This obsession for truth took me straight to my knees at the cross of Jesus Christ. I owe Him my life…. Literally.

    February 14, 2012
    Today, we celebrate the love of that special someone.
    On this day, we share our heart with those closest to us.

    You found me in the depths, well below the surface of reality.
    On that day, I shivered like a newborn child; oh the impact of your presence.
    A Love I never knew existed; Love that you show even to the blind.
    How many times have I screamed Leave me alone!?
    How many times did you declare NEVER!
    As you peeled back the guilt and anger from my heart, I began to see the hope of your eternal peace.

    As I lie in my brokenness and flowing tears, Your pierced hands catching every drop, I sense your presence and hear your voice whisper while I question my worthiness;
    “Hear me my child, Welcome Home!”

    1. Beautiful poem Dale Lynn,
      What category should I publish this poem under?

      Thanks for your poem submission!
      Sister Felicia

  2. Beautiful words all, I would like to add a poem about my sinful state of selfishness which is a perpetuates Tesuvah maybe in also of us to some degree I praise Yah have come out from this sinful state.I hope these words will connect with you too. Not sure how I stack up against the noted Irish poets of my heritage but here goes…
    ” Sin of selfishness posses all my mind and all my soul and all my heart and every part, has there been no face once so gracious as mine, no shape so true, no truth of such a day. And for myself my own words do define, as I and all others in worthy amounts, but when my soul shows myself contrite and broken with tainted antiquity that my own self love was iniquity . That thee myself that for myself I praise, painting my age with the faded beauty of thy glory days.”

  3. My heart is broken Yahushuah Ha Mashiac, as I called upon your Holy name, you replied, “come up higher” ! In order to SEEK and find Yahushuah you must let go of yourself.Let go of the chains that bind you to this world, let go of your hope and faith you put in people instead of Yahushuah, let go of your pride and own self efforts and allow Yahushuah to take control.Let go of all your desires that are not His will, and allow Him to be your First and Only desire of your life, allow Him to fill you up with the RUACH HA KODESH! Empty yourself so you may be filled! Yahushuah tells us to come up higher, spiritually, and ask to receive the good gifts that come from above! We can’t come up higher, until we let go of everything that separates us from the love of God.As HIS WORD tells us,”The first will be last, the last will be first, the rich are poor, and the poor are rich, the exalted will be humbled, and the humble will be exalted!Everything in God’s KINGDOM is opposite from this world! Come up higher, is His will for our lives!Be separate from this world to be a called out Holy people, this is His will.He calls us unto Himself to come up higher!

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