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War Cry

Life is a battle that we’re all going to win or lose,
it seems the only thing destined is our right to choose.
I’ve taken some injuries and I know what it’s like,
to have a beaten body just from fighting at night.
My eyes became weakened by all the searching to see,
a way to justify an existence only pleasing to me.
My hands got bruised by punching shadows and smoke,
I can’t understand people who think it’s all some joke.
My feet grew sore from always running in place,
hopelessly trying to somehow elude those fears of disgrace.
My heart was broken like it was shot by a gun,
from an enemy who couldn’t even stand that I indeed had one.
But I’ve surrendered the pain and become at ease,
with the tears down my face and the dirt on my knees.
I had begged for my life but I got Yashua’s instead,
His love is for real and it will never once be found dead.

Shallow Waters

Alongside the noisy shallow waters is where I found you, the feeling was lukewarm and the fish were but a few. You were sitting down and quite captivated by something you could see, and I pondered in my heart exactly what it could be. I then realized you were gazing at your complexion, a beautiful face in a rippling muddy reflection. Your sudden weeping made me hike down to see why you were shaken, you said you were lost from the narrow path seldom taken. I heard how vanity had cruelly led you astray, how the world made everything so painfully darkened and gray. You let me take you gently by the hand as we went up above, to the endlessly deep waters of a faithful Elohim’s love.

Tunnel of Mud

A while ago I had a cell mate to occupy all my days, till one night I got bored and He suggested we stray. So we started a tunnel to take us far away from there, where the warden’s days aren’t numbered by the whispers in the air.

Thug love doesn’t suffer long and is unkind, thug love does envy; thug love does parade itself and is puffed up.

He gave me the light as He dug through rocks and stone, and we finally broke out to search for a new home. We turned right onto a bridge over water that wasn’t too deep, found our secret place and it was a pasture of sheep.

Thug love does behave rudely, does seek it’s own; is provoked; thinks evil; rejoices in iniquity and not truth.

That night was the first I remember not being afraid, of the mystery and the madness the dark so often made. It’s easy to lay low when integrity’s expensive and innuendo’s free, but my cell mate is Yashua and the prison had always been me.

His love bears all things, believes all things; hopes all things; endures all things; it never fails or passes away.

Catching the Wind

Standing on the edge of a cliff trying to catch the wind, I can’t forget how it ends or remember how it begins. Raindrops and snowflakes alike find their way into my hands, but they’re not why I’m standing like a scarecrow of a man.

Gentle breeze, swaying trees. Soothing air, without care.

Sometimes it feels like climbing a glass mountain in rain, other times it feels like looking for black sheep in vain. Some days it seems like trying to hold hands with time, other days it seems like derailing trains with nickels and dimes.

Peaceful feeling, never seeing. Calmly blowing, always knowing.

But I’ve got something more than just two eyes and a heart, for the hopefulness of faith endures to the finish from the start. Taking my stand I’ll grasp a beautiful flower petal from above, giving my thanks to YAH for sending down this true love.

Moving On and Moving Out

I was once a big shot who had such small plans,
now I’m humbled to be placed in someone else’s hands.
It’s my end to a beginning and a beginning of an end,
I’ve made bad mistakes but I’ve also made good friends.
It’s funny how time goes by slower than we want it to,
yet faster than we need it to when we’re with our crew.
It’s harder to say “I love you” than it is to just say “hi”,
and in eternity’s light we’ll never have to say “goodbye”.
A picture’s been painted and a chapter’s been done,
but the race is still running and the fight is far from won.
The people are now asking “who, what, where,
how and why?”, so have faith and your answers
will come in YAH’s time.
Prices paid, wisdom gained.
Running hard,
reaching stars.