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Hoping for a Savior
YAHUSHUA is His name
Only He can cleanse us
and heal the sick and lame.
Sin is ever present
upon is ever present
upon this world below
Arise YAHUSHUA now
and make our hearts to glow.
Night is now upon us
with evil everywhere
North and south, east and west
please heal our great despair.
Arise and take a stand
stretch forth your qodesh hand

The Potter (Isaiah 64:8)

Spining clay and molding too
The potter works all day
Making vessels large and small
Not one to throwaway.
His hands are skilled in the craft
Old pots are made as new
He can take a broken cup
And mend it with some glue.
The potter uses wisdom
When working with the clay
Knowing how to push and pull
To take the flaws away.
And so it is with YHWH
A master potter He
We are vessels marred by sin
Reshapped and then set free.

Beneath His Wings

There’s a shaded resting place
Where worry does not dwell
All your cares are left outside
To them you say farewell.
Forgetting all your sorrows
Your grief and pain let go
Place your life in YHWH’s hand
Stop walking to and fro
There’s joy and peace awaiting
Each soul that enters in
Beneath the arms of YHWH
Your soul is cleansed from sin.
White robes, they are the garments
Which everyone must wear
In this special place of rest
Much time is spent in prayer
Enter in, do not delay
Outside is where sin stings
Pray to YHWH for His grace
Rest now beneath His wings.

Meeting the Master

While walking down a lonely road
The Master I did meet
He open up Scripture
The words He spoke were sweet.
Understanding did He give
To verses which were hard
He shared with me His knowledge
So that I may be on guard.
On guard from lies and error
Taught by pastors who don’t care
By persons speaking lightly
Not knowing of the snare
Comparing verse with verse
From the Hebrew He speak
He showed me words of value
From the pages of the Greek
Now our paths have parted
And it’s time to push ahead
To speak the words of wisdom
Which the Master to me said.

The Flame

There is a flame within my heart
which burns throughout the day,
A love for YHWH’s holy word
To seek and then obey.
The flame burns bright, as morning light,
Sunshine without the rain,
Enlightening the darkened way
So life I may obtain.
The burning bush was not consumed
When Moses saw the flame,
He looked upon and then was told,
My people go reclaim.
Go, bring them out of Egypt
With you shall I be there,
To guide your steps along the way
And safely bring them here.
And so it is with YHWH’s word
Which burns within my heart,
It guides me in the narrow way
From there shall I not part.


Truth is pure, it does not lie
There are no shades of gray
No error margin does it hold
For truth goes not astray.
What’s one or two, up or down
When coming oh so near
Say the sons of Satan
As they tell you not to fear.
YHWH says that we must rest
On His blessed Sabbath day
But Satan, he has added one
Leading many souls away.
Truth is not the truth
When adding one or two
Only when it’s clearly seen
Does it shine a bright true blue.
Tragedy awaits the soul
Who travels the broadened way
May we be found white and pure
Treading down the narrow way.

The Shofar

A battle cry
The shofar sound
Gird on your sword
And gather round.
No time to sleep
Or pick the vine
To eat a meal
And drink the wine.
It’s time to rise
And show your might
The foe’s at hand
And we must fight.
This is the call
The shofar sound
Awaken now
And do abound.
There’s work to do
The lost to save
The hour is late
We must be brave.


Fiery serpents all around
Everywhere upon the ground
Their poison bite will spellbound
Causing man to be Hell bound.
Watch your step when you go out
Walk in faith and not in doubt
And the words you speak and shout
Had best be pure all throughout.
If you walk another way
Live in sin and disobey
Turn from Yah and go astray
You will be a castaway.
So look to Yah and repent
Be not disobedient
Forsake your sin and lament
Rest in Him and be content.

The Morning

In the midst of darkness
It is hard to see about
Unless you have a flashlight
You may fall if you go out.
And so it is with sin
While within one cannot see
It causes one to stumble
When a sin he does not flee.
To clearly see a sin
One must shine with YHWH’s word
He must watch which way he goes
So to follow not the herd.
To travel with the herd
Means to tread the broadend way
And to flee a known sin
Is to seek the dawn of day.
It is the dawn of day
When the rays of sun do shine
And with the Son YAHUSHUA
Is the light of morning dew.


The promises of YHWH
Give hope and strength divine,
To His favored children
They are a strong lifeline.
Providing right direction
So not to go astray,
Believers are encouraged
To tread the narrow way.

The prize for their endurance
Shall be a crown of life;
They shall live forever
And have no pain or strife.
But to the unbeliever
Only tragedy is found,
For his disobedience
The promise is…Hell-bound!