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L i b e r t y

Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness
All men created equal ~ yet some made less
If born female then still, without equal rights
Not a man, so never equal, in some men’s sights
Thought owned as cattle, dogs, or slave
To be kept ‘under thumb’, by those who crave
To puff themselves up, be ‘in total control’
Yet decisions they make, crush her very soul
As woman you’re ‘nothing’, but for his pleasure
Born to fetch, carry & serve, to his leisure
He can kick, slap, & yell, as he pleases
Makes the woman cower ~ until she freezes
Yet demands she get up, & him feed
Will force himself on her, whenever ‘his need’
Can’t control himself; only bullies control others
Won’t see anyone as equal, sisters & brothers
What happened to “loving the other, as himself” ?
Protecting & caring, above all else
Loving her as precious, his one soul mate
Reminding how she alone, ups his heart rate
Nowhere is written, our Saviour yelled demands
Or barked out orders, & selfish commands
He showed endless patience, love & compassion
Never once put understanding, on sale or ration
His desire was always, serve, help & heal
Gave advice how to love, live, & feel
Showed concern & fairness, to one & all
Offered liberty to any, who heeded His call
Respectful towards women, in manner & face
Exuded His presence, with strength & grace

Just Facts

Why are women still being exploited, only 2nd. classed ?
Thought some ‘lesser species’; relegated ‘lower caste’
Said to be worthless, born only servant – slaves
Have we not progressed at all, from living in caves ?
No Dear Lady, this never was our Creator’s intent
Was ‘corruption’ who twisted ’round, what was really meant
Men & women are different, Yah gave each their place
Yet given similar bodies, have likeness of face
Equally created in the image, of our Living Eloah
Both asked to follow where, our Dear Master has trod
Holy Spirit is graciously given, to all who will believe
And equal portions grace the soul, of either who receive
Both are here through, the process of birth
Even our Dear Master came, this way to earth !
Each needs to grow, be nurtured to learn
Both need teaching ~ can’t automatically discern
Good from evil, & tell right from wrong
Both have to discover, just where they belong
Each is given choice, whether they’ll return
To have Truth alive, & in their hearts let burn
So why this injustice, from age unto age ?
End confusion now ~ read the same page !
Open our understanding, see what’s really there :
“Both to be respected, & always treated fair
All to Love others, & serve the best they can”
Is what’s really written in, our Creator’s plan

Delight To The Soul

Women really are ~ a delight to the soul
Created to complement men ~ united, become whole
Given equal opportunity: of My Holy Spirit
Each will receive: all My Word, has in it
It’s never My Will, to see genders fight
Or suppress the other, with strength & might
Where one’s made weak ~ the other’s, made strong
Both are fully Loved, & neither, is wrong
Woman is gentle, meek, & mild
She remains chosen, worthy, “My Child”
“Submit by example” means to a Loving L-rd
Know only in this life, do you cut the cord
Of Life that joins, to a belly that flows
With ‘Living Water’, gushing as it goes
Following birth ~ both mortal, & ‘new’
A l l need teaching ~ to hear Me, call ‘You’

Equal To Me?

“Sure women are equal ~ but not to me!”
A message oft insinuated ~ we’re still not free
Why are women not valued, outside subservient roles?
When will we be recognized, for our own sweet souls?
How much more, do we have to prove, & give?
What will it take, that we be allowed to live
As human beings?, made by the Creator ~ who’s name
Made men & women in His image ~ equal & same
In quality, worth, Love & full value
Expecting intelligence of each, be how they knew
Yet some men still place themselves, ‘notches’ higher
Women remain ‘lower’ & ‘less’ ~ so who’s the liar?
These certain males will go, to any lengths
To prove men better ~ just look at ‘their strengths’
Men have the power, to move both table & chair
Yet women are the only ones, chosen to bear
Yah’s Children, & thus have other pains to endure
If men suffered as us, we know for sure
People would be extinct ~ soon after Adam & Eve
For men would have shrunk, from having to leave
Deciding for self, what they want to do
As now have some infant ~ crying out for you
To pick up, put down, constantly bathe & feed
How can they do this, & when will its need
Stop ! Allowing him time, to go off alone
Leave everyone else, so be on his own
A ‘real man’ isn’t ~ threatened by females
He refuses to believe nonsense, told in ‘tall tales’
Told by that one, named ‘Father of Lies’
Who stirs contentions, by twisting the ties
Devalues not only women, but any female child
By taking Yah’s Word, until he’s beguiled
Men into demanding, any glory, all the power
That only they can be ‘stalks’, who hold up the ‘flower’
Women without men, are really useless, & ‘lost’
They need rules to obey ~ should be the ones ‘bossed’
By some ‘man’ who believes, only he has the ‘brain’
To keep others ‘in order’ ~ using either threats or disdain
Someday soon these men, will be given ‘True Light’
Be shown The Truth of what, they claim as ‘their right’
Men & women are equal, & both are Loved by our Lord
All should serve the other, with a heart, truly ‘toward’

Eve and Mary

Seems Eve & Mary ~ really ‘knew a thing, or two !’
Both were spiritually aware ~ what they’d go thru’
Bringing into this earth, giving to this world
Mankind’s Saviour; & so unfurled
The Almighty’s plan, to make things ‘be’
Preparing a place, for even you and me !
Eve ate the fruit, so she could produce
Offspring with Adam ~ & so call a truce
Evil was defeated ~ he wanted her gone
Thwarted his trickery, spoiled his sly con
Eve brought forth children, prepared the way
Allowing our Saviour to descend, & here stay
By being born ~ from Mary’s womb
He rescued us ~ from an endless tomb
So why oh why, are women oft ‘put down’
When half of the way, to an Eternal crown ?
Both are wonderfully made ~ the woman & the man
Equal & necessary ~ to complete Salvation’s plan

G e n d e r

Women thru’ the ages, have been labelled, put down
Sadly little changes, once ‘given this crown’
Poison Ivy may have, been ‘toxic I-van’
And Prim-Rose is really, a sweet wo-man
So few are given credit, when credit is due
And not enough named, among respected crew
When women are defiled, someone’s said to ‘de-flower’
Yet asking for ‘rights’ ~ is called ‘abuse of power’ ?
When will we be given, our rightful place ?
Allowed to speak ? Uncover our face ?
Walk with dignity ? Be our true self
Instead of 2nd best ~ behind someone else
What will it take, for each to be taught
We can go forward, give all our support
Don’t justify wrong ~ gender’s just a name
Men & woman are created, equally the same
Each needs the other; to be complete and whole
All are equal, to blend spirit with soul

W o m a n

It’s a great wonder, to think of the word “wife”
Along with Yahuah, she’s the meaning of “life”
Together they go, through the process of birth
The value of ‘woman’, is above ‘treasure on earth’
That’s why Eve, was the latter one made
And Yah’s Final creation, after Adam had prayed
Now totally satisfied, with His handi – work
Yah took rest, as up Adam did perk
A Best Friend & Wife ~
who would share in his Love
What a precious gift, from the Creator above !
This is the first record, of a true marriage
Setting a standard, that’s way above average
Woman is the one, who is soft & tender
Complementing the man, who’s a strong defender
Serving each other, the best that they can
Uniting as one, is part of Yah’s plan
Husband plus wife, become Yah’s family
This remains His plan, for all eternity !

Yes, Women

All women need to be Loved, cherished, & cared for
Told they are Special, have value for sure
Compliments are welcome, when sincere
Affection’s the sweetest word ~ women like to hear
Given such gentle souls ~ they’re the first ones to calm
Stormy situations ~ once tamed, cause less harm
Respect is treasured ~ so acknowledge a working brain
Give women chance to speak, allow them to explain
What they are thinking, what they need, & feel
Make time to discuss, for what it is, they appeal
See the beauty of the person, glowing from within
So much treasure to behold ~ inside their skin
Women vary in colours ~ from light to dark hues
All are soft to touch, with most willing to lose
Their heart to Love you ~ ask little in return
Yes, women are precious, so Please take time to learn
:How much they contribute, & how much they care
How often they get left out ~ yet first ones to share !

More Than Eyes

Adam saw the grounds cursed, with thistles and thorns
From then on mankind, frequently cries and mourns
We see so much sadness, sickness, and selfish sins
So many times evil tramples, blames, and wins
Only some understand, how endless evil grows
Takes more than eyes to see, what The Spirit knows
Our precious Messiah wore, a painful crown
Of thorns on His head, causing a grieving ground
To become the receiver, of His blood so red
This atoning blood, He so willingly shed
Caused by various ‘thorns’, that pierced His skin
The ground cried out ~ and cursed this sin !
But more than earth will be renewed, by cleansing fire
Out will go the cruel, greedy, the power-hungry, & liar
In will come believers, with renewed hope, & breath
Spirit-filled understanding, spares them final death
Thistles and thorns replaced, by plants and flowers
Only those who learned of the Ruach’s, mighty powers
Will be rejoicing in, more than their eyes just see
Sweet fragrances abound, and only sounds of glee
Will be heard, as the earth now gently sighs
Joining those who loved with understanding
~ more than just eyes !

Living Water

This Living Water, cleanses your soul
Freshens & fills, makes you whole
Whenever you thirst ~ take a drink
Refill your cup ~ to the brink
Words cascade, like a water fall
Flow to the spirit, of one & all
Giving comfort, direction & peace
Showing how, blessings increase
Then like a fountain, Love will soar
From the pool, that will gently pour
Renewed life ~ fresh from the giver
Gushes in you ~ it’s a geyser, a river
This Living Water, is our own spa
This pure spring, travels near & far
From a well so deep, it won’t run dry
More crystal clear, than sea or sky
Maybe a trickle, a rill or stream
Downpour, light rain, spray or beam
Ebb tide, or flooding sea
Please, Living Water ~ shower, on me