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(Title Unknown)

Money, power, greed and lust
things I will never trust!
Open your eyes, don’t stop to blink,
I don’t care what you think!
Science or not, what’s true is true.
Evil runs this world and they don’t care about you!
Good or bad, choose a side! Life or death, suicide!
Prophet or profit which one will you pocket!
Corruption, destruction, it’s time for correction.
Illusion, confusion, it’s time for direction!

What you perceived was all for yourself,
you’ve been deceived by Satan himself!
The hour is late, and the time is now!
So CHOOSE who YOU will serve,
and remember you reap what you deserve!

YAHUAH forgive me for I have sinned,
I did not know who I have been.
Like the current in the river life keeps flowing,
like the tree in the ground we keep growing.
Thoughts always slowing as the wind stays blowing,
Living an illusion like an amazing showing.
Lost in confusion in a world of never knowing,
nobody ever knows where they’re going.
Life’s not a game unless you make it one.
Life’s about looking back at what you’ve done,
cuz only then will you change who you will become.
Everything is happening for a reason,
nothing is what it seems.

Wake up from your deep, sleep dreams.
Open up your eyes, look up to the skies.
Open up your mind. Take some time,
to realign the thoughts in your head.
Hurry up before your dead.
You don’t have long, its why I sing this song!
cuz soon some day you will be gone.
Today’s the day we live the Love,
a sign sent down from the one above!
YAHUAH forgive me for I have sinned,
I did not know who I have been!