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Parable of two – one taken
Two in a bed – Job 33:14-18. Yahweh
Shows men in a night vision upon the
Bed; he openeth the ears of men,
And sealeth their instruction. Reference
By the Messiah to a bed is speaking
About a warning that people receive
From Yahweh when they are sleeping,
In some supernatural way; one will heed
And be accepted by Yahweh, the other
Will reject the warning and thereby be
Rejected from the Messiah’s Body.
Two grinding at the mill – Isaiah 47:2-5
What Yahshua wished us to understand
Was that His coming would be in a time
Of war and slavery (grinding was the slave’s
Occupation) as well as the other characteristics
(the uncovered head, scanty clothes, etc.) of
the daughter of Babylon in Isaiah 47.
Two in the Field – Matthew 13:38
The field is the world. True Messianic worshippers
Stand steadfastly in a position of opposing all
Other religions called Babylon. The group
Selected to be taken because they have prepared
Themselves to meet Him. The ten virgins in
Matthew 25:1-12 is a good example of Yahshua.
Remember, the oil is symbolic of the name of the
Bridegroom. See Solomon 1:3. Remember, it is
Not the Holy Spirit that seals us, but YHWH name
That is written on us as ownership.
(This parable deals with watching / preparing for
Yahshua’s return. It does not deal with the rapture).
Yahshua wishes to warn His people that they should
Beware of turning back into the worldly culture, even
Though He might delay His coming for them. He wishes
To encourage them to seek to live for Him, even though
The world follows its carnal nature. Blessings ~

Living Water

This Living Water, cleanses your soul
Freshens & fills, makes you whole
Whenever you thirst ~ take a drink
Refill your cup ~ to the brink
Words cascade, like a water fall
Flow to the spirit, of one & all
Giving comfort, direction & peace
Showing how, blessings increase
Then like a fountain, Love will soar
From the pool, that will gently pour
Renewed life ~ fresh from the giver
Gushes in you ~ it’s a geyser, a river
This Living Water, is our own spa
This pure spring, travels near & far
From a well so deep, it won’t run dry
More crystal clear, than sea or sky
Maybe a trickle, a rill or stream
Downpour, light rain, spray or beam
Ebb tide, or flooding sea
Please, Living Water ~ shower, on me


Definitely He is alive !! Yes, He is already risen !!
Now not only The Lamb, is released from this prison
This entire earth, can be washed from all sin
Set free from evil snares, Satan put us all in
We’re shown the path, to our Saviour’s Pure good
Washed clean by the Power, of His precious blood
Patiently He stands before us ~ gently He beckons us on
So let’s choose to obey now ~ before He is gone !
Then we can do more, than just touch His robe
As we can question, taste, sample & probe
His Word ~ His Truth, will always ‘rise to the top’
And no matter the test ~ it will never break, or stop
It’s there for eternity, to comfort & guide
Why we elect to become, His Loving bride
As groom He gives Love, His protection & care
Instructions to live by, near His side to share
All there is to have, when Blessings are released
We’ll go from famine on earth, to His ‘heavenly feast’
As we also will have risen, from our earthly state
Become ‘heavenly beings’, who willingly chose our fate
These blessings will allow us, to continually rise
We will have been awarded ~ the ultimate prize !!

I AM The Vine

You are the branches and I AM the Vine,
Your love for Me and others shows that you are mine,
Keeping My Commandments and Sabbaths is another sign,
That you are not of this world but are set-apart and are Mine,
My Beloved, abide in Me and bear the fruit of My Spirit–all nine,
Oh how I long for our wedding feast where we will sup and dine,
At My Father’s banquet table and partake of His New Wine,
Entering into a love covenant where we are One for all time,
I AM YAHUSHUA your Beloved and you are Mine.


Wars, wars and rumors of war,
Tidal waves shall rise and roar,
The earth is shaken to its core,
Deaths from famine, disease and pestilence soar,
Upon the earth’s inhabitants both rich and poor,
Behold YAHUSHUA is standing at the door,
His time is not yet for there is still more,
According to His Word in Matthew 24,
The anti-messiah must arrive on the scene before,
Set-up in the temple in Jerusalem with false prophet, beast and whore,
The whole world united will worship and adore,
Deceived by strong delusions of lying signs and wonders never seen before,
Except for the saints according to Revelations 12 whom the dragon will rage war,
Imprisoning and beheading the saints with much violence and gore,
Their testimony and witness of YAHUSHUA will be spread even more,
As the remnant of Yisra’el cry out, “Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of YAHUAH they emphatically implore,
The blood of the saints and the cries of His people YAHUAH will not ignore,
Then the moon turns to blood; the sun is darkened while stars fall from heaven and give their light no more,
A final trump from heaven is sound and the LION OF YAHUDAH WILL ROAR,
Coming in the clouds, gathering His bride to Himself seconds before,
His wrath and judgment upon the earth He will pour,
Then His Kingdom on earth He will restore.

It is time for YAHUAH’S Name to be restored,
To be called upon, worshiped, feared and adored,
How long we His chosen people have wandered and whored,
Forgetting YAHUAH’S Name for Ba’al or Lord,
A title of a mighty one He has abhored,
His covenant and commandments we have broken and ignored,
For this He has scattered us with famine, pestilence and sword,
YAHUAH is turning back our captivity and His Name is being restored,
To be called upon worshiped, feared and adored,
As we return to His covenant and obey His commanments there awaits for us a reward,
One day to be resurrected to rule and reign with Him in one accord,
At His coming when His Kingdom on earth is restored,

And in that day you shall say, “Praise YAHUAH, call upon His Name, make known His deeds among the peoples, make mention that His Name is exalted. Sing to YAHUAH, For He has done excellently; this is known in all the earth. Cry aloud and shout, O inhabitant of Tsiyon, for great is the Set-apart One of Yisra’el in your midst!” YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 12:4-6


Whatever is pure and lovely think upon these,
My Father’s Kingdom full of love, joy and peace,
Do not worry, fear nor look around but look above,
There is no fear in My Father’s perfect love,
Seek My Kingdom first and such peace you will find,
Lay down your burdens and leave your worries behind,
Do you not know that I know how to take care of Mine,
I feed the birds of the air and clothe the lilies of the field,
How much of more value are you with whom My Name is sealed,
I provided for Eliyah, the widow and her son with daily bread,
I preserved them during a time of famine and raised her son from the dead,
I blessed two fish and five loaves and five thousand of My taught ones were fed,
My child, life is more than food and drink,
Worrying about these will cause you to sink,
Into deep depression and its angry waves,
I AM the fourth Man in the fiery furnace and I will keep you from being burned,
I AM with you always-have you not learned,
I will not take you out of the fire but together We will go through,
I will never leave you, My child; For I love you,
Abide in My love and follow My Commands,
I AM holding you in the palm of My Hands.


If you love Me you will love one another,
If you love Me you will not talk against your sister or brother,
Do not murmur and complain nor find fault with another,
But love, be kind, forgive and pray for one another,
If you have been offended or hurt by one of your sisters or brothers,
First, in love, face-to-face go and speak to that sister or brother,
Do not share his or her offense with a group or with another,
This is gossip which will spread and will hurt your brother,
Speaking against your brother is unloving and unkind,
It is gossip and slander which leads to breaking commandment number nine,
If you can’t love them whom you can see,
How can you love My Father who sent Me,
I died for everyone upon the cruel tree,
Each child is precious and very dear to Me,
It does not matter who is in the right and who is the wrong,
Unforgiveness and bitterness turns into hatred when held too long,
Without love for one another to Me you are but a sounding gong,
Swallow your pride, learn how to love and forgive and you will get along,
No one has greater love than this; that one should lay down his life for his friends,
All things will pass away but in My Father’s Kingdom love never ends,
If you love Me you will love one another,
For the world will know you are Mine if you love one another.

YAHUSHUA The Good Shepherd

One sheep is missing; One sheep has gone astray,
Disobeying the Shepherd’s Voice and chose another way,
Forsaking the Narrow Path, he chose the broadway,
What will become of this lost lamb; what will the Shepherd do and say,

“One sheep is missing; One sheep has been left behind,
One sheep is missing; That sheep I must find,
After him I will go and leave the ninety-nine,
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd and I know Mine,”

“Listen and obey My Voice and return to Me little lamb,
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd sent by YAHUAH THE GREAT I AM,
I have laid down My life for you and I AM the Narrow Way,
Return to Me with all your heart and My Commandments obey,
For I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd, The Life, Truth and the Way.”
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd and My sheep hear My Voice,
Little lamb, I AM calling you to return to Me; It is your choice,

The little lamb was frightened but obeyed the Shepherd’s Voice,
Would the Shepherd beat him for making a wrong choice,
Then lovingly the Shepherd gathered the lamb into His Arms,
Carrying him back safely in His bosom; safe from all harm,
Back in the sheep pen with the other sheep– all ninety-nine,
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd and I know who are Mine.

Prepare Your Heart

Prepare your heart, My Beloved, and for Me make room,
Do not let your heart be troubled with the cares of this world and all its gloom and doom,
For I know the plans I have for you, My child; I have known you before I formed you in your mother’s womb,
Because of My love for you, I was beaten, impaled and placed in a tomb,
I have returned to My Father and I AM preparing a place for you in which there are many rooms,
My Beloved, set yourself apart and prepare your heart for Me your Bridegroom,
Keep your lamp burning brightly and have extra oil to burn,
Keep proclaiming My Name and Besorah and help others to return,
Teaching them My Torah and Commandments and all that you have learned,
Most of all, My Beloved, prepare your heart and be ready for My return.

Trust in Me and Do Not be Afraid

Civil war is on the way,
Prepare your heart–fast and pray,
To the media for answers do not look,
Spend time in My Presence and My Book,
Listen to My Voice and My Commandments obey,
I will hear from heaven and answer you when you pray,
I will give you instructions and tell you what to do,
Remember, My beloved, I love you,
Keep on proclaiming My Name and Besorah,(good news)
Gather My lost sheep and feed them Torah,
I AM your Shelter, High Tower, Refuge and Ark,
Abide in Me and I will be with you through the storms and the dark,
Meditate upon My promises to you in Tehillim (Psalms) 91,
Trust in Me, My child, for the battle has been won,
Be on your guard for there are those who will betray,
I told you in My Word it would be this way,
Do not fear, My child, but continue to proclaim,
Do not fear man with his guillotine and sword,
In My Father’s Kingdom there awaits for you a reward.