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Peculiar Treasure

In utter despair I reached
For You Yahuwah, only to
Find that You, had an
Already extended hand
Though down trodden
You chastened me, yet with
Love, mercy and peace
Now I reach out
Just to touch the hand
That I recognize
For I am not ashamed
That You alone
Are my Mighty One, and
On You, I depend to
Keep on keeping me
That I be Your peculiar people


I gaze carefully at my freedom,
my liberty of Your law,
Which rests on Messiah’s work,
for His truths have set me free.

The right Ruach that has,
consumed me, has caused,
my tongue to cease with,
cursing my fellow man.

And to render blessing instead,
in spite of what they may want me to do.

to tame an animal,
we break their ruach,
that we gain control,
This, O Yah is what,
Youv’e done in me.

Causing me to submit,
to my Shepherds heart,
that I become captive,
of the One who loves me.

Title Unknown

I sowed tears of repentance,
in my distress I cried,
to my dear Savior Yahushua,
the One I could confide.

His gentle touch would lift me,
though my humble heart bowed low,
my help comes from Yahuwah,
and stopped the enemies blow.

He broke the power of the wicked,
gave me new life as well,
now I press towards victory,
no longer towards hell.

Engage in the worship,
of our savior Divine,
in the presence of your enemy,
this is where you’ll dine.

Title Unknown

My Maker is my husband,
though barren, I sing loud,
For now I’ve more children,
yes I’m well endowed.

My travail was of the Ruach,
and not the way of man,
I laid them on the altar,
that they make it in His hand.

To be surrounded by love,
that’s good, right and pure,
to help them on their path,
that their trials they’ll endure.

Giving them abundant life,
that surpasses anything,
of love, joy and peace,
to make their new heart sing.