Catching the Wind

Standing on the edge of a cliff trying to catch the wind, I can’t forget how it ends or remember how it begins. Raindrops and snowflakes alike find their way into my hands, but they’re not why I’m standing like a scarecrow of a man.

Gentle breeze, swaying trees. Soothing air, without care.

Sometimes it feels like climbing a glass mountain in rain, other times it feels like looking for black sheep in vain. Some days it seems like trying to hold hands with time, other days it seems like derailing trains with nickels and dimes.

Peaceful feeling, never seeing. Calmly blowing, always knowing.

But I’ve got something more than just two eyes and a heart, for the hopefulness of faith endures to the finish from the start. Taking my stand I’ll grasp a beautiful flower petal from above, giving my thanks to YAH for sending down this true love.

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