N e w

YAH tells us : His Love’s never ending
YAH says His Torah : is never bending
What was then, is so today
He’s never taken, any parts away
We are to Love YAH, with all our heart
Revere The Spirit, be Set Apart
From the world, which we must leave
And to His Torah, obey & cleave
We first accept : His true name
Know The Spirit’s, warm gentle Flame
Call on YAHUSHUAH, as our Messiah
Remove the names, we knew prior
To opening our soul, to Truth & Light
Enter in ‘The Door’, shut out ‘the night’
YAHUSHUAH came, made Torah complete
Gave us chance to be: at the Mercy Seat
Raised up in Spirit, become a new Being
New words uttered, new knowledge seeing
New blessings given, new choice of praise
New ways of living : receive new Light rays

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