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  1. Your site is very Inspirational and uplifting, i shared 2 of your Poem Videos to my f.b. page for others to gleen from. While a student for over 20 yrs. of the Writings of Light, Bet HaShem Midrash the Paleo Hebrew teachings i learn from others as i search on my Journey on the Diamond Path. We praise and honor YAHUWAH and the MESSIAH YahuShua which is within all humankind and is coming forth as we learn each day from our Auvim/FATHER creator and Master of the UNIVERSE. i believe that we are all ONE BREATHE which is of LIFE and is RUACH which binds all living species as ONE in our Kadosh YAHUWAH. the teacher of LIGHT has several albums and have asked him to contact you about placing some tracks on your site.

    Shallam to you and your ministry and todah for sharing your site, i will visit again, if you choose you may also visit our site. May the LIGHT of YAHUWAH surround you and yours and bring you love and happiness always and bless this site.


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