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Do Not Fear I AM With You Always

There is a price upon your head,
The enemy Ha Shatan wants you dead,
For My Name and Besorah you have spread,
Do not worry, fear or be full of dread,
I have told you in My Word that they will hate you because of My Name,
For this is the price of those who follow Me and My Name proclaim,
Down through the ages all My taught ones went through the same,
Losing friends, family, position and even their lives for proclaiming My Name,
You will overcome by the Word of your testimony and by the Blood of the Lamb,
For I AM with you always–I AM YAHUAH THE GREAT I AM.

The Goat

Kid, some do call him
He is a goat by name
Getting into trouble
This is his favorite game.
Eating from the trash
He strings it all about
Then he butts his head
On those who don’t look out.
This his nature is
From birth he cannot change
Rebellious acts he does
For he is very strange.
He that is wicked
Refusing to take heed
Repents not from his sins
A goat he is indeed.
Such the like is judged
Of all that do have breath
They know that by their deeds
The judgment will be death.