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If you love Me you will love one another,
If you love Me you will not talk against your sister or brother,
Do not murmur and complain nor find fault with another,
But love, be kind, forgive and pray for one another,
If you have been offended or hurt by one of your sisters or brothers,
First, in love, face-to-face go and speak to that sister or brother,
Do not share his or her offense with a group or with another,
This is gossip which will spread and will hurt your brother,
Speaking against your brother is unloving and unkind,
It is gossip and slander which leads to breaking commandment number nine,
If you can’t love them whom you can see,
How can you love My Father who sent Me,
I died for everyone upon the cruel tree,
Each child is precious and very dear to Me,
It does not matter who is in the right and who is the wrong,
Unforgiveness and bitterness turns into hatred when held too long,
Without love for one another to Me you are but a sounding gong,
Swallow your pride, learn how to love and forgive and you will get along,
No one has greater love than this; that one should lay down his life for his friends,
All things will pass away but in My Father’s Kingdom love never ends,
If you love Me you will love one another,
For the world will know you are Mine if you love one another.

YAHUSHUA The Good Shepherd

One sheep is missing; One sheep has gone astray,
Disobeying the Shepherd’s Voice and chose another way,
Forsaking the Narrow Path, he chose the broadway,
What will become of this lost lamb; what will the Shepherd do and say,

“One sheep is missing; One sheep has been left behind,
One sheep is missing; That sheep I must find,
After him I will go and leave the ninety-nine,
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd and I know Mine,”

“Listen and obey My Voice and return to Me little lamb,
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd sent by YAHUAH THE GREAT I AM,
I have laid down My life for you and I AM the Narrow Way,
Return to Me with all your heart and My Commandments obey,
For I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd, The Life, Truth and the Way.”
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd and My sheep hear My Voice,
Little lamb, I AM calling you to return to Me; It is your choice,

The little lamb was frightened but obeyed the Shepherd’s Voice,
Would the Shepherd beat him for making a wrong choice,
Then lovingly the Shepherd gathered the lamb into His Arms,
Carrying him back safely in His bosom; safe from all harm,
Back in the sheep pen with the other sheep– all ninety-nine,
I AM YAHUSHUA the Good Shepherd and I know who are Mine.

Prepare Your Heart

Prepare your heart, My Beloved, and for Me make room,
Do not let your heart be troubled with the cares of this world and all its gloom and doom,
For I know the plans I have for you, My child; I have known you before I formed you in your mother’s womb,
Because of My love for you, I was beaten, impaled and placed in a tomb,
I have returned to My Father and I AM preparing a place for you in which there are many rooms,
My Beloved, set yourself apart and prepare your heart for Me your Bridegroom,
Keep your lamp burning brightly and have extra oil to burn,
Keep proclaiming My Name and Besorah and help others to return,
Teaching them My Torah and Commandments and all that you have learned,
Most of all, My Beloved, prepare your heart and be ready for My return.

Alpha to Omega

From ‘A l p h a to O m e g a’, He’s our “all- in- all”
Nothing was left out, so no one, need fall
Nothing was missed, or left to chance
So give praise by song, prayer, and dance
He is our “Pillar of Light”, our Special Friend
Our Teacher, our Healer, our Comfort, Without End
Our Leader, our Strength, our Sage, and our Guide
Our Protection, our Sufficiency, Support gently tied
True Love is shaped, by the heart of this Man
He gave us His Word, so we know of His plan
His Word is His Promise, His Promise His Word
So learn all you can, then share what you’ve heard

Tunnel of Mud

A while ago I had a cell mate to occupy all my days, till one night I got bored and He suggested we stray. So we started a tunnel to take us far away from there, where the warden’s days aren’t numbered by the whispers in the air.

Thug love doesn’t suffer long and is unkind, thug love does envy; thug love does parade itself and is puffed up.

He gave me the light as He dug through rocks and stone, and we finally broke out to search for a new home. We turned right onto a bridge over water that wasn’t too deep, found our secret place and it was a pasture of sheep.

Thug love does behave rudely, does seek it’s own; is provoked; thinks evil; rejoices in iniquity and not truth.

That night was the first I remember not being afraid, of the mystery and the madness the dark so often made. It’s easy to lay low when integrity’s expensive and innuendo’s free, but my cell mate is Yashua and the prison had always been me.

His love bears all things, believes all things; hopes all things; endures all things; it never fails or passes away.

Catching the Wind

Standing on the edge of a cliff trying to catch the wind, I can’t forget how it ends or remember how it begins. Raindrops and snowflakes alike find their way into my hands, but they’re not why I’m standing like a scarecrow of a man.

Gentle breeze, swaying trees. Soothing air, without care.

Sometimes it feels like climbing a glass mountain in rain, other times it feels like looking for black sheep in vain. Some days it seems like trying to hold hands with time, other days it seems like derailing trains with nickels and dimes.

Peaceful feeling, never seeing. Calmly blowing, always knowing.

But I’ve got something more than just two eyes and a heart, for the hopefulness of faith endures to the finish from the start. Taking my stand I’ll grasp a beautiful flower petal from above, giving my thanks to YAH for sending down this true love.

If Not I

Who will give their time and love
To pray and intercede;
Who will share a word of truth
To those who are in need?
Oh, someone will, but not I
For there’s just too much to do;
The need is met by others
Surely, someone just like you.
Assuming someone other
Is sure to give their time,
Acts of love are seldom done;
Assuming is a crime.
It’s a sin of magnitude
Not reaching out your hand
To the poor and lonesome soul;
Oh, don’t you understand.
So give your love to others
Your soul do purify
It is I who must now give;
Faith and deeds, they sanctify

P a r t n e r s

Equal as partners, & equal as friends
Quick to apologize, & make amends
Willing to listen, until understands
Open discussion ~ replacing demands
Striving to meet, each soul’s needs
Wanting to be, where the other leads
Between people who are, true partners
Love & forgiveness, often occurs
Less angry words, which makes others sad
And letting go, what went wrong or bad
Allowance for boundaries, & personal space
Words are gentler, without any trace
Of sarcasm, spite, or blaming acts
No abuse, strings, or twisted facts
Each seeks direction, of where to go
How to lift the other, from feeling low
Gratitude & affection, willingly sent
Encourages with sincere, compliment
Love shared freely, produces great husband & wife
Equal partners in marriage; true partners for ‘life’ !