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Call You By Name

I thought I knew You
Many things about You
But not the one that I should

I read Your word
And my ears what they heard
I feel it’s not all that I could

Your works are well known
And Your prophets have shown
That the righteous shall live by faith

Your Will shall be done
Cause dear El’ You the One
It’s to You that my heart and sould prays

So When I call out
With my voise a great shout
In a song, Hallelu-YaH, I sing

There’s a place in that phrase
That alone gives you Praise
And it’s found in a verse in a psalm

All the Patriarchs knew
The Apostles did too
And the people they all did the same

If someone should ask
Are we up for the task
With the strength to annouce You by name

‘aNee HaL ‘EL, MaL’a SHaLoWM
‘aNee HaL ‘EL, ‘A-oWLaM

Your word said a few
Would be given a clue
By the tug that is placed on their hearts

They’ll neither reject
And they’ll stand to protect
What the Spirit You gave to impart

Through the masses have turned away
Yet we the few will stay
Exalting You and Your Fame

From our lips it shall flow
In our eyes it will show
Joy just to Call You By Name

We praise You ‘EL, full of peace
We praise You ‘EL, eternally

Chains Thrown

Praise YAH ~ He’s throwing away my chains
Until His Truth & Light, are all that remains
He wants me to see, what really was taught
Remove all bondage, which left me so fraught
To have chains thrown away, takes His Power, & Might
Only YAH has the strength, to unlock grips, so tight
Dispel man’s dogmas, which are filth & lies
~Corrupt men’s teachings ~ only ‘prisonize’
Yet YAH, praise Him, let Light shine through
Penetrate ‘dungeon darkness’, until His Light I knew
Is what endlessly flows, with warmth & Love
Entering heart & mind, filling from above
Every crevice & space ~ no room for man’s harm
I can keep calling YAH, for His strong arm
To wrap around me, letting me feel safe
Can ignore those doctrines, that rub & chafe
I desire to grow spiritually, until my only belief
Comes directly from YAH ~ emitting peaceful relief
Chains thrown away, YAH returns to their ‘owners’
Convinced I’d ‘bought’ them ~ but were only ‘loaners’
YAH’s Truth is living in freedom, for ever more
Desires I partake, of His Eternal store
Finally move forward ~ His Lightness a lift
Enabling me to appreciate, YAH’s precious gift

Hallelu – Yah

Hallelu-Yah, praise YHWH,
glory to his name;
Aloud, lift up your voice,
His qodesh name proclaim
Look to His throne on bended knee,
with eyes affixed on high;
Light the candle of your heart,
His name do magnify.
Every moment of the day
seek to do His will;
Learn to put your trust in Him,
His qodesh will fulfill.
Utilize each talent
placed within your hand;
YHWH has commanded you
to make each one expand.
Along the way be sure to share
the faith your have inside;
Hallelu-Yah, praise YHWH,
proclaim His name outside.

Y. A. H.

Yisra’el’s Assembled Hearts
Consists of: many parts
Each man, woman, boy, and girl
Makes up ‘family’, around the world
All see YAH, as our Head
Follow YAHUSHUA, as we’re led
The Spirit blends, as we unite
Become ‘one’, in heart, & Light
Once ‘Light-hearted’, our lives change
Thoughts & actions, we re-arrange
Aim to be: Torah pleasing
Live each day, without ceasing
To praise YAH, for many a blessing
His YAHUSHUA, is our caressing
Together we are: Yisra’el
Assembled Hearts, of YAH, our EL

S t e e m

Many esteem & heed, self-appointed church ‘leaders’

Those money grabbing, power hungry, ‘bottom feeders’

Bleeding you of money; demanding tithes ever due

Robbing you of Truth; pruning Scriptures by ‘hew’

Knowingly axe & chop up, what is written there

Then have the gall to claim ~ only they can declare

What you can do, and what you must say

Even tho’ this places you ~ as evil one’s prey

We must esteem YAH, with understanding eyes

Search what is written, until all the lies

Of church doctrine, dogma, rules, & any ism

Reveals only entrance, into a dungeon prison

Ask YAH to remove, all the poisonous bait

Digest much Light, to reduce the ‘wait’

Don’t remain caught up, in man’s controlling bind

Free yourself, from their endless grind

What’s so hard in accepting ~ the chosen Sabbath Day ?

Where’s the difficulty in Loving ~ YAH’s given Way ?

Why not delight in true Names ~ of Father & Son ?

How can you not desire pure Ruach ~ already won ?

Changing your life is scary, & sometimes hard

But remaining controlled, leaves you permanently scarred

You’ll get stamped ‘mark of the beast’ for ever more

Then pained by flames, counting every score

Exit the lies, control, your life kept in danger

Love YAH & His Truth, so no longer a stranger

Give your soul back to self, so you can give back to YAH

Your love, heart & praise; esteem precious YAHUSHUA !

T r u e P r o v i d e r

Let all that has life, give reverence to YAH

Let all that has breath, show how grateful we are

All that lives looks to YAH; the One Who feeds & sustains

Designed His universe in such detail, that nothing remains

In lack, or need; gave each the means & will to survive

Animals, birds, fish & plants; all given chances to thrive

Flora & fauna receive His water, air, much needed sunlight

His trees emit clean oxygen, they purify the air day & night

Allows growth to be fed, by nutrients placed in the earth

Set the seasons to turn; they sustain each cyclical birth

Offers many types of vegetables, fruits, grasses, wheats

And varieties of flesh, which provides us, with meats

The true provider of His creation; assorted life in abundance

Each growing according to, the timetable He grants

Such variety & splendour, for us to separate ~ or mix

Makes it possible for us to select, our favourite picks

In return YAH asks, that we remember Him & say Thanks

Frequently show our appreciation, regardless status or ranks

We must know how fully, on YAH we each depend

See Him as our true provider, not just as distant friend

We should want to nurture YAH, as He does us

Spend time with Him, until He enjoys the fuss

Shower our love in return, for all we get

Even dote on YAH, like a child or pet

YAH is the giver of life; selector of eternal salvation

We must honour His goodness; protect His reputation

Can’t let non-believers, sully His precious Name

Or allow them evil acts, & give YAH the blame

Love Him or deny Him ~ YAH still gives life to all

Forever only YAH Who decides, if we soar or fall

True provider to all His creation: which He so lovingly preserves

Honour & Love YAH daily; give Him esteem He so deserves

Praise and singing to Elohim

When I see the works of YOUR hands, O YAHUAH, and consider YOUR creation, O Most High.
When I see the animals explore the lands, beautiful purple flowers, and birds fly.
When I hear the rain fall on the green grass and see the sunlight shine forth through the clouds in the sky.
Then Praise in my mouth and singing on my lips comes in dedication unto YOU, O YAHUAH!


Title Unknown

My Maker is my husband,
though barren, I sing loud,
For now I’ve more children,
yes I’m well endowed.

My travail was of the Ruach,
and not the way of man,
I laid them on the altar,
that they make it in His hand.

To be surrounded by love,
that’s good, right and pure,
to help them on their path,
that their trials they’ll endure.

Giving them abundant life,
that surpasses anything,
of love, joy and peace,
to make their new heart sing.