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You are the calm in the storm
You hold me up when I am weak
You give me strength when I have none
I call out to you and you are there
Your wisdom has never failed me
You are my friend who I trust
You tell me in love things
I need to hear and can accept
You show me the way to change
You bring healing in your words
Comfort in your presence
Peace of mind in chaos
I never worry when you are near
I know I am in good hands
As you hold me there
I am written on your palms
I look up to you
The salvation of my soul
For which I am grateful
I am in awe of thee
For you are life itself
Humbly I thank you
For the gift ~
I pray I can learn
To follow and not fail thee.

Trust in Me and Do Not be Afraid

Civil war is on the way,
Prepare your heart–fast and pray,
To the media for answers do not look,
Spend time in My Presence and My Book,
Listen to My Voice and My Commandments obey,
I will hear from heaven and answer you when you pray,
I will give you instructions and tell you what to do,
Remember, My beloved, I love you,
Keep on proclaiming My Name and Besorah,(good news)
Gather My lost sheep and feed them Torah,
I AM your Shelter, High Tower, Refuge and Ark,
Abide in Me and I will be with you through the storms and the dark,
Meditate upon My promises to you in Tehillim (Psalms) 91,
Trust in Me, My child, for the battle has been won,
Be on your guard for there are those who will betray,
I told you in My Word it would be this way,
Do not fear, My child, but continue to proclaim,
Do not fear man with his guillotine and sword,
In My Father’s Kingdom there awaits for you a reward.

Peculiar Treasure

In utter despair I reached
For You Yahuwah, only to
Find that You, had an
Already extended hand
Though down trodden
You chastened me, yet with
Love, mercy and peace
Now I reach out
Just to touch the hand
That I recognize
For I am not ashamed
That You alone
Are my Mighty One, and
On You, I depend to
Keep on keeping me
That I be Your peculiar people

When We

YAH Please forgive us, when our faith is not strong
Or lack the ability to correct, what appears as wrong
And those times when we pray, yet can’t quite believe
We’ll have guidance; find peace; clear answers receive
Be patient when we study Scripture, and still not yet see
How Your Word explains all there is now; plus what is to be
Sometimes we can’t grasp or decipher, the symbolic meaning
We desire further help, to gain fuller gleaning
Need confidence to confirm understanding, when we openly share
All that is written; given; what really is there
We strive much to remember; take in; gladly learn
Embrace the flame strong enough, that we actually burn
Have our flame glowing bright; never fade or diminish
Only YAH’s Truth will sustain us; enable each to finish
When we are under attack, please meet our need to heal
Whether days or weeks, let us still treasure Your seal
When we feel lost or alone ~ You’re already where we are !
We gain YAH’s Love & understanding,
when we confess “ H a l l e l u Y A H ” ! !

Help Me Prayer

Dear Precious YAH, Please help me out
Show me Your Way, ’til there’s no more doubt
It’s Your Pure Light I embrace ~ all else dispose
Spirit infuse me ~ ’til Your Light within glows !
Treasured YAH, help me understand
How You hold my life, in Your Almighty hand
Even before I entered, this planet ‘earth’
You’d chartered my course ~ to seek Your ‘birth’
Belov’d YAH, help me strengthen, & grow
In Your Truth and Wisdom, so I can know
I stand with conviction, upon Your True Word
Walk in Your Love ~ with heart open, & stirred
Loving YAH, help me Love like You
Teach me how, I become as ‘pure’ & ‘true’
Meet all those needs, wherever I show lack
And Please don’t give up ~ on “calling me back !”


What good is knowledge
Without understanding
And wisdom if you do not know
How to apply it to your life
Therefore seek you knowledge.
With understanding
And the wisdom to use it
Ask Yahuah and you shall receive,
Through Yahushua.

My Prayer To YHWH

Open my eyes
So I may see
The blessed things
you have for me.
Unstop my ears
So I may hear
Your words of peace
So not to fear.
Direct my feet.
So I may tread
The narrow way
And there be led.
Restore my soul
So I may be
A vessel used
For your glory.
These things I ask
Of you this day
Your will be done
Through me I pray.