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Parable of two – one taken
Two in a bed – Job 33:14-18. Yahweh
Shows men in a night vision upon the
Bed; he openeth the ears of men,
And sealeth their instruction. Reference
By the Messiah to a bed is speaking
About a warning that people receive
From Yahweh when they are sleeping,
In some supernatural way; one will heed
And be accepted by Yahweh, the other
Will reject the warning and thereby be
Rejected from the Messiah’s Body.
Two grinding at the mill – Isaiah 47:2-5
What Yahshua wished us to understand
Was that His coming would be in a time
Of war and slavery (grinding was the slave’s
Occupation) as well as the other characteristics
(the uncovered head, scanty clothes, etc.) of
the daughter of Babylon in Isaiah 47.
Two in the Field – Matthew 13:38
The field is the world. True Messianic worshippers
Stand steadfastly in a position of opposing all
Other religions called Babylon. The group
Selected to be taken because they have prepared
Themselves to meet Him. The ten virgins in
Matthew 25:1-12 is a good example of Yahshua.
Remember, the oil is symbolic of the name of the
Bridegroom. See Solomon 1:3. Remember, it is
Not the Holy Spirit that seals us, but YHWH name
That is written on us as ownership.
(This parable deals with watching / preparing for
Yahshua’s return. It does not deal with the rapture).
Yahshua wishes to warn His people that they should
Beware of turning back into the worldly culture, even
Though He might delay His coming for them. He wishes
To encourage them to seek to live for Him, even though
The world follows its carnal nature. Blessings ~


You are the calm in the storm
You hold me up when I am weak
You give me strength when I have none
I call out to you and you are there
Your wisdom has never failed me
You are my friend who I trust
You tell me in love things
I need to hear and can accept
You show me the way to change
You bring healing in your words
Comfort in your presence
Peace of mind in chaos
I never worry when you are near
I know I am in good hands
As you hold me there
I am written on your palms
I look up to you
The salvation of my soul
For which I am grateful
I am in awe of thee
For you are life itself
Humbly I thank you
For the gift ~
I pray I can learn
To follow and not fail thee.

More Than Eyes

Adam saw the grounds cursed, with thistles and thorns
From then on mankind, frequently cries and mourns
We see so much sadness, sickness, and selfish sins
So many times evil tramples, blames, and wins
Only some understand, how endless evil grows
Takes more than eyes to see, what The Spirit knows
Our precious Messiah wore, a painful crown
Of thorns on His head, causing a grieving ground
To become the receiver, of His blood so red
This atoning blood, He so willingly shed
Caused by various ‘thorns’, that pierced His skin
The ground cried out ~ and cursed this sin !
But more than earth will be renewed, by cleansing fire
Out will go the cruel, greedy, the power-hungry, & liar
In will come believers, with renewed hope, & breath
Spirit-filled understanding, spares them final death
Thistles and thorns replaced, by plants and flowers
Only those who learned of the Ruach’s, mighty powers
Will be rejoicing in, more than their eyes just see
Sweet fragrances abound, and only sounds of glee
Will be heard, as the earth now gently sighs
Joining those who loved with understanding
~ more than just eyes !

Living Water

This Living Water, cleanses your soul
Freshens & fills, makes you whole
Whenever you thirst ~ take a drink
Refill your cup ~ to the brink
Words cascade, like a water fall
Flow to the spirit, of one & all
Giving comfort, direction & peace
Showing how, blessings increase
Then like a fountain, Love will soar
From the pool, that will gently pour
Renewed life ~ fresh from the giver
Gushes in you ~ it’s a geyser, a river
This Living Water, is our own spa
This pure spring, travels near & far
From a well so deep, it won’t run dry
More crystal clear, than sea or sky
Maybe a trickle, a rill or stream
Downpour, light rain, spray or beam
Ebb tide, or flooding sea
Please, Living Water ~ shower, on me


Definitely He is alive !! Yes, He is already risen !!
Now not only The Lamb, is released from this prison
This entire earth, can be washed from all sin
Set free from evil snares, Satan put us all in
We’re shown the path, to our Saviour’s Pure good
Washed clean by the Power, of His precious blood
Patiently He stands before us ~ gently He beckons us on
So let’s choose to obey now ~ before He is gone !
Then we can do more, than just touch His robe
As we can question, taste, sample & probe
His Word ~ His Truth, will always ‘rise to the top’
And no matter the test ~ it will never break, or stop
It’s there for eternity, to comfort & guide
Why we elect to become, His Loving bride
As groom He gives Love, His protection & care
Instructions to live by, near His side to share
All there is to have, when Blessings are released
We’ll go from famine on earth, to His ‘heavenly feast’
As we also will have risen, from our earthly state
Become ‘heavenly beings’, who willingly chose our fate
These blessings will allow us, to continually rise
We will have been awarded ~ the ultimate prize !!


“My thorns will overtake his”,
is a promise from our YAH
His words are healing balm ~
when we’re scratched & clawed
The evil one enjoys pricking us
~ this is just a test
He wants us to fall & curse ~
forget, we’re from YAH’s nest
“My thorns will overtake his”,
should always warm our heart
Remind us where to turn ~
whenever we fall apart
If hurt by those we thought friends
~ then evil influence reigns
Gives us chance to overcome,
so we’re the one, who gains
“My thorns will overtake his”,
are words to oft repeat
As how ever life knocks us down
” He’ll help us to our feetPuts us Right side up,
by guiding us back to Him
Replaces each “crown of thorns”
~ with one, that’s glistening

Menorah Gleaning

A thing of beauty, is the graceful Menorah
You can actually touch ~ part of written Torah !
This Lamp to the World, emits gleaning
As each part of it, has so much meaning
The shape of Menorah, resembles a tree
Reminding us, where our heart should be
As this “Tree of Life”, and all it gives
Holds the “Spirit of Life”, ~ which within us lives !
Arms are raised skywards, in worship praise
Each glowing fire will burn, for all our days
Has a centre Light, raised slightly above
Represents one who serves, with humility, Love
Our Messiah as servant, gave us His all
That we can choose “Life”, by heeding ‘The Call’
This centre Light desires to share, its flame of fire
Enlightening those, who strive for higher
Each then stretches this Light, again & again
Touching persons who alone, crumble & wane
Once joined together, all become stronger
Faith glows brighter, the Lamp burns longer
Warmly reflected, in Menorah’s Light
Seeing Truth & Love, with clear insight
Centre Light is ‘The Lamb’ ~ the core “Centre Peace”
This Living Word teaches : Love increase
The Menorah tree’s branches, are reaching out
Its roots hold firm, allowing Truth to sprout
Eventually we’ll wake up, be gathered, enfold
Purified as silver, then refined as gold
The “House of Yisra’el” and the “House of Yahudah”
Will re-unite forever ~ because of the “Save-Yah” (Saviour) !!

I AM The Vine

You are the branches and I AM the Vine,
Your love for Me and others shows that you are mine,
Keeping My Commandments and Sabbaths is another sign,
That you are not of this world but are set-apart and are Mine,
My Beloved, abide in Me and bear the fruit of My Spirit–all nine,
Oh how I long for our wedding feast where we will sup and dine,
At My Father’s banquet table and partake of His New Wine,
Entering into a love covenant where we are One for all time,
I AM YAHUSHUA your Beloved and you are Mine.


Wars, wars and rumors of war,
Tidal waves shall rise and roar,
The earth is shaken to its core,
Deaths from famine, disease and pestilence soar,
Upon the earth’s inhabitants both rich and poor,
Behold YAHUSHUA is standing at the door,
His time is not yet for there is still more,
According to His Word in Matthew 24,
The anti-messiah must arrive on the scene before,
Set-up in the temple in Jerusalem with false prophet, beast and whore,
The whole world united will worship and adore,
Deceived by strong delusions of lying signs and wonders never seen before,
Except for the saints according to Revelations 12 whom the dragon will rage war,
Imprisoning and beheading the saints with much violence and gore,
Their testimony and witness of YAHUSHUA will be spread even more,
As the remnant of Yisra’el cry out, “Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of YAHUAH they emphatically implore,
The blood of the saints and the cries of His people YAHUAH will not ignore,
Then the moon turns to blood; the sun is darkened while stars fall from heaven and give their light no more,
A final trump from heaven is sound and the LION OF YAHUDAH WILL ROAR,
Coming in the clouds, gathering His bride to Himself seconds before,
His wrath and judgment upon the earth He will pour,
Then His Kingdom on earth He will restore.

It is time for YAHUAH’S Name to be restored,
To be called upon, worshiped, feared and adored,
How long we His chosen people have wandered and whored,
Forgetting YAHUAH’S Name for Ba’al or Lord,
A title of a mighty one He has abhored,
His covenant and commandments we have broken and ignored,
For this He has scattered us with famine, pestilence and sword,
YAHUAH is turning back our captivity and His Name is being restored,
To be called upon worshiped, feared and adored,
As we return to His covenant and obey His commanments there awaits for us a reward,
One day to be resurrected to rule and reign with Him in one accord,
At His coming when His Kingdom on earth is restored,

And in that day you shall say, “Praise YAHUAH, call upon His Name, make known His deeds among the peoples, make mention that His Name is exalted. Sing to YAHUAH, For He has done excellently; this is known in all the earth. Cry aloud and shout, O inhabitant of Tsiyon, for great is the Set-apart One of Yisra’el in your midst!” YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 12:4-6

Build Upon

Don’t be fooled, by the impostor Messiah
Who’ll come announcing, a worship ‘mire’
That’ll cover you with ‘mud’, instead of cleaning
Twisting Scriptures, until changes meaning
Don’t get sucked into: this ‘poisoned pit’
All means are removed ~ to get out of it !
Orders you to worship him; taking the place
Of the true Mashiach ~ of Love, and grace
Keep your heart set; build upon YAHUSHUA
Who’ll announce the Truth, of YAHUAH His Father
Bringing messages of Love, life, joy, & hope
A renewed earth’s reign ~ fully able to cope
With our many woes, sins, and endless loss
YAHUSHUA will remove, and then quickly toss
Out, the evil impostor, the liars, & the profane
Leave only goodness, so we again
Will see how much, we’ve been led astray
Feel anxious to return, to YAH’s true Way
Be re-taught Scriptures, we thought we knew
Gladly put out the false, bring in the true
Healing us, until hearts are mended
Allows us to live, as YAH intended
False messiah, false prophet, false leaders ~ all gone !
Now we only have YAH’s Light, to build upon !