Custody Dispute

Domestic Violence Victim/Survivor
Please pray for Rose whose x-husband has been filing false charges against her in court and is now trying to gain custody of the children.
Please pray that the truth comes out in court and that her x-husbands lies and manipulation of her and the children will be brought to light. Pray that resources are provided for her including transportation to court and a pro bono lawyer. She also needs a support group of women to share with who would understand her situation and offer support and prayer. The court appearances are becoming overwhelming due to her low reading ability, lack of transportation to get to court, lack of finances to pay for transportation, and are a constant source of worry and stress. Pray that God in His wisdom and love takes charge of this whole situation and brings healing to Rose and her children who have all been repeatedly abused by this man. Please also pray for two people who are helping her that they might rely on Gods’ strength to see them through.