Prayers for my Daughters!

Prayer request for daughters that have been kidnapped by their dad and his friends. Iam desperately reaching out to this prayer circle of YAH, to pray for my daughters! Please! That they may be restored to me that somebody may of have seen or herd of them to please let me know to contact me thru this post by emailing Followers of yah or leaving a comment. Its been 7 months since not being with them or knowing of them. My heart mourns greatly. never did i ever imagine my husband the one who promised to be with me till death did us apart would yank my daughters like this from me in such a horrific manner and cause such a deep scar and wound in my heart and daughters. Im their mother! Is he not considering the deep psychological and emotional damage he is causing in their mind and heart? I never imagined his friends that were believers would of have done such a thing. They seperated me from my daughters and i was nursing my baby Chawwa at the time! this has been the most painful experience ever in my life. I now reach out to you guys, please have compassion, please if anybody has herd of or seen my daughters or my husband and his friends please contact me. YAH knows all and what they have done to me and my daughters has no words for it. I pray he reunites me with my girls soon.
I am desperately searching for my 3 daughters, Hadassah 4 yrs, Chana 3yrs, and Chawwa Knight 17 months old. I was seperated form them May 17, 2014 on a shabbat. My husband (Adam) and his friends (Tricia, Zachariah and Summer whom have 3 children) that are “believers” fabricated a story about me to make it easier for them to kidnapp my daughters. They fled the state we were in Montana with my daughters. I havent seen or herd of my girls since June. My husband is traveling with a woman he told me that he was falling in love with that was a believer in YAH by the name of Tricia, “his friend”. I fear greatly for my daughters as they were being told they were evil and my husband per the advice of his friends on 2 ocassions gave my daughtedrs freezing Showers to “deliver them of any unclean spirits and demons”. I fear greatly for my daughters bacause Tricia disciplined her children harshly and later abandoned them becasue she said they were evil. Zach and Summer as well would go to extremes with punishment. What really is scary is that my girls were being told they were perverted because they would scratch their crotch area. I was sure there was somekind of infection but my husband would refuse to take them to get checked up per the advice again of zach summer and tricia. My husband also abandoned his first family because of the advice of his friends, his friends told him his other older children were evil and that he needed to abandon them. Now not are only his first family children suffering greatly from him abandoning them, but now he has brought this pain on my daughters and I. How is that children are evil? Please brothers and sisters I have not revealed all this information to slander, but to let you know why I am finally reaching out to you believers in YAH and to be able to understand where im coming from. I fear for them and Im desperate to hold them and kiss them and see them smile and play with me again. Oh YHUAWAH PLEASE HEAR MY CRIES! CREATOR HAVE COMPASSION FOR YOU KNOW ALL TRUTH! PLEASE RESTORE ME TO THEM!