The Imposter Tour #56: New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade

We are so thankful, that we had this opportunity to do some street witnessing down in the French Quarter of New Orleans. One time while we were on Royal street, when we were fixing to leave, we noticed lots and lots of people were starting to gather in the street. Brother Michael walked down that way to find out what was going on! To our surprise, we learned from this couple in the picture, that 3,000 people were about to be in a marching Mardi Gras parade! Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday was weeks away and that is how we learned that the Carnival seasons last for quite a few weeks. They also shared with us that anyone and everyone was more than welcome to line up and walk the parade. We didn’t stick around to be in no parade nor did we stay to watch the parade. However, we did manage to snap a few pictures before the parade started!

Look at all these people about to walk in a Mardi Gras parade. Just think this parade didn’t offer any big fancy floats but people were very eager and excited to walk. This crowd of people was like that for many blocks, as far as we could see! All these people, and this is not even a float parade on Mardi Gras day! Wow!!!!

Another view of the street line up for the walking Mardi Gras parade on Royal Street in New Orleans.

This man took a selfie with Brother Michael. I think he was part of the marching band.

These people were very happy and colorful. I didn’t get around to asking them what they thought of Mardi Gras but from the looks of it, they are enjoying themselves:
This group we managed to take a quick snap, these are all men dressed up like women:

People didn’t care that it was raining. No rain was going to stop this walking parade:
This group was called, Krewe of Cork! Took me a while to realize that this was ‘cork’ as in wine! Mardi Gras like many other pagan fertility festivals, allows people to be fully intoxicated. As you can see, they are filling up getting toasted right there in the middle of the street.  Good thing they are walking I guess huh?

I think this man was also in the Krewe of Cork group. He might have been the king of the cork, I don’t really know off hand but we did manage to snap a picture of him. Seems like another happy guy:

Well time for us to head on out of here! Glad, we got to share with you all at least one Mardi Gras Parade from New Orleans. Wasn’t planned nevertheless you get a glimpse of how crowded the Mardi Gras parades down in New Orleans get.

Click on image for larger view

The Imposter Tour #55: Hibernia St. Patrick’s Parade & 5k run in Biloxi, MS

Just as Mardi Gras is not just a single day celebration, St. Patrick’s Day is also a multi-week celebration observed as such in the Southern States. Besides people eating corned beef and cabbage, there are various street parties, parades along with other activities. Talk about perfect timing? Since we were in the area, we decided to make a few unplanned tour stops!

St. Patrick Day parades are just like the Mardi Gras parade. Plenty of people, loud music, various items thrown along with beads galore. Yet we learned that during the St. Patrick day parades people also throw carrots, potatoes and entire heads of cabbage!

We were on the streets during the Hibernia St. Patrick’s Day Parade & 5K run in Biloxi Mississippi. First time ever going to any St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  As the parade was fixing to pass where we were, we put our material next to a pole. Whoever felt led to take one they were. The rain held off which was great as we didn’t want our material to get wet!
The parade started. Here are some pictures of the parade. We found a parking spot, close to the Hard Rock Casino there in Biloxi Mississippi.


The bag pipes:
I guess these two guys represent St. Patrick and a Leprechaun:
This was a very big parade with streets lined with people. Glad the rain held off until later in the evening.
This float was extremely long:
We decided to stay around for a while after the parade ending to talk to people.

This guy was showing off all his beads he got from the parade.

After the parade, had ended, Sister Linda needed to take a real pit stop. So, we went into the Mardi Gras Museum and let us use the restroom. While we were in their we took a quick peep at the very fancy displays:
This is the piece one of the king’s wore. While looking at the huge detailed train, I am thus reminded of how YashaYahu saw Yahuwah’s train filled the entire Hekal:
“In the year that Sovereign Uzziyahu died, I saw Yahuwah sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the Hekal.” -Yashayahu 6:1

What a wonderful and joyful sight that will be to see Yahushua on HIS majestic throne.

Brother Danny and Sister Linda took a quick moment to feel how the King and Queens chair feels:
I don’t know if that is how all the King and Queen’s chair feel, but this was the top of the line comfy chair that had a lot of padding that was in all the right places. Well Shalom for now, see you all at our next tour stop!

The Imposter Tour #54: Menge Flea Market #2 – Pass Christian, MS

Our next stop was our Second time at the Menge Flea Market. Wow, what a different two weeks can make in how busy this flea market gets. I truly believe the people that have told us that in the summer months Menge Flea Market is extremely busy. All spots for vendors are taken. What is not to like about this flea market? This is a perfect spot for vendors and the bargain shoppers. Close to the beaches, right off the highway, yet nestled back off the road with camping, food and even live band! This is a very nice place. We were thrilled to get to set up here again for a second time.  The only issue we have at this flea market is that you have to reserve your spot for the entire weekend! Sure, one can purchase their spot on Friday (which we did both times). However, we normally like to rest on the Sabbath ourselves! Nevertheless, we did set up but will not buy nor sell anything on the 7th Day Sabbath! Here are some pictures:

We gave away 65 DVD’s here at the Flea Market! Very good as we do not force anyone to take anything. We simple set up our booth and make ourselves available. All those who are interesting will stop and ask us questions. Here are some pictures:

Brother Danny and Sister Linda setting up some DVD’s!
Here they are waiting to talk to anyone that is interested:

Flea Markets always have interesting finds to say the least. While out stretching our legs, we found this huge 10 feet tall Sir Lancelot.

Shalom everyone, see you at our next tour stop!

Click on image for larger view

The Imposter Tour #53: Sea Horse Parade -Bay St. Louis, MS

National Imposter tour hits the streets of, Bay St. Louis Mississippi. We were there at the Sea Horse Parade! Such a beautiful little city right on the water. This parade was to start at 5 P.M. but due to the possibility of rain, they started one hour later at 6 p.m. Seems the closer we get to Fat Tuesday the more wilder and wilder the parade watchers along with the people in the parade become. While we were trying to find a popular spot to set up our spot, we overheard some parade riders to make sure they drink all the jello shots and this was 2 hours prior to the start of the parade.
This parade sure was different in that, this was a golf-cart parade! Each golf-cart was decorated with all sorts of themes. Some was the popular super heroes, others were like skulls and bones, Mardi Gras themed, pop cans, shark themed, Spiderman and Batman along with many more!

The pictures didn’t take to good because it was so dark out. However, we did witness to some people and they took the free material. Since this parade was right next to the water, there were thousands and thousands of biting gnats. Never seen such a thing before like that. Nevertheless, it was well worth it to those who received the Besorah!

Shalom for now! See you all at our next tour stop.

The Imposter Tour #49: Biloxi, MS – Neptune Night Parade


Our next stop was taking the Imposter tour to the streets in Biloxi, Mississippi during the Neptune Night Parade. This parade was the biggest one so far that we have seen. People were lined up for miles and miles just on the street we were at. The entire parade route was many streets.

To our left:
To our right:
People starting setting up hours before the parade even started. People had tents set up. Lots of grilling going on also. As we were driving by I even saw a motor home parked and set up!

Brother Michael performing and doing some street witnessing to some people:
A picture of the free literature to those who were interested:
Pictures of some of the parade floats:

This parade was long! When it ended this is the mess that was left behind.
One paraded that we didn’t go to but drove down one of the parade route streets, was nothing but broken BEADS! It was a total mess.

We pray that those who received the free material will be blessed by it. We hope we did a good job of planting the seed!

Next stop, the D’lberville/St. Martin North Bay Association Parade. Shalom everyone, see you there!

The Imposter Tour #48: Mardi Gras Parade -Gulfport, MS

Our next stop was the Gulfport, Krewe of Gemini Carnival Day Parade. We managed to park close to the parade line up. We had plenty of time to view the floats before the parade began.

Lots of people starting to line up to watch this parade:
As soon as the parade starting so did the loud music along with the throwing of beads, cups, stuff animals, flowers and all sorts of stuff:

Look at all those beads they are going to throw out to the parade watchers:


The Christian themed floats where more laid back. I don’t think they gave any beads away just handed out Christian tracts:
Some beads on a dog:
I think this was the longest float in the entire parade:

This parade was the more family oriented one. People seems happy to celebrate the pagan feast of Mardi Gras. As bystanders in the parade we did get a lot of beads, cups, flowers thrown at us:

See you all at our next Parade!

The Imposter Tour #47 Mardi Gras Parade -New Orleans, LA

The FOY ministry has always enjoyed doing street witnessing. Years ago, before we came into the truth we had a non-denomination tract ministry. This ministry consisted of going to any given city, town or village passing out various Christian dogmatic teachings! A times, we sat outside movie theatres, Walmart as well as other grocery stores. It was not uncommon to see mixing in any public gathering such as festivals and parades. We mostly went door to door.  Hey if the Jehovah witnesses can do it, so can we, right? Of course, we can! I’ll never forget the little town Hillsboro Ohio. After we came into the knowledge of the truth (Sabbath, Torah, Yahushua), we went back to every single home, grocery store (Walmart, K-mart, etc.), festival, movie theatres, restaurants and even the Christmas parades! Even though it’s been close to twenty years ago, I still remember that fire burning deep with me, as we passed out the very first FOY ministry tracts! HalleluYah!

Street witnessing back then was easy. You didn’t need a permit to give something away. And most businesses didn’t care if you asked first. Getting the owners’ permission was all that was needed. Not anymore! Now-a-days, most businesses want to know exactly what is going to be given away.  Quite a few businesses even require the group to have proof they are non-profit organization. Yet others require the group having a tax I.D. number and/or holds a 501C tax exempt status. To hand any material out during parades, festivals or other street witnessing requires a permit! Another fee in the city’s pocket!

Considering these matters, we here at the FOY ministry were very exciting in knowing that some of these Golf Coast Cities will allow street witnessing without having to obtain a permit! If you have ever done or thought of doing any sort of street witnessing, then you know firsthand all the red tape (rules and regulations) that is required just to stand on the public street and give free material away! The only regulation that the city told us is that if the Police were to see us, they could ask us to leave or hand over our material.
Back in 2016 we planned on doing some Southern States, yet we didn’t plan on the time frame or time of year we’d be in any given city. We truly feel Yahuwah had His hand in this. We had a 60-day delay back in November/December of 2016. This delay caused us not to make it to Corpus Christi Texas this year. However, the delay did put us right here in these Southern States during the very popular Mardi Gras festivals season!

We have never been to any type of Mardi Gras festival! Mardi Gras can be quite wild as this is a feast that starts December 6th and ends on Fat Tuesday (day before Ash Wednesday). This long feast is a time of much wild debauchery.

There are many Mardi Gras parades where people are packed in the streets. Considering this we wanted to take full advantage of this situation. Off we went making sure we had plenty of material which included tracts and DVD’s. We searched for the most crowded areas where we could hand out our material. Not wanting to force our beliefs on anyone, we decided to set up a FOY station at any given high traffic corner!

Our first Mardi Gras Festival was in Ocean Springs by the Carnival Association Parade. Not knowing anything about Mardi Gras we were very surprised at what we saw. The parade mostly consisted of loud music and lots of beads being thrown out of the floats. The video footage did not turn out so great but you can see Sister Linda talking a little about it along with Brother Danny interview some of the bystanders:
We were not able to stay for the entire night parade because the parade didn’t start until late. Here are some pictures:

See you at the next parade!

The Imposter Tour #46: Biloxi, MS

Our next stop was at the Finders Keeper Flea Market in Biloxi Mississippi! We have met some wonderful people while on the National Imposter tour, especially down here in the deep south. We found this flea market while staying in Pass Christian. We were very exciting to learn that through March the outdoor vendors can set up for FREE! How exciting is that? What a huge blessing for us! The average flea market fee is 25.00 bucks for one day! Here is Brother Danny setting up:

At Finders Keepers flea market people just set up wherever they want. Here are some pictures:

Despite this being a smaller flea market, with only nine vendors, we gave 15 DVD’s away. Praise Yahuwah! We always pray asking Yahuwah to bring who He wants to our spot so we can witness to whoever may need and whoever is open to receiving the truth!

See You all! Next stop, taking the Imposter tour to the streets of Mississippi and New Orleans!

The Imposter Tour #45: Menge Flea Market -Pass Christian

Our next stop, was at the Menge Flea Market in Pass Christian Mississippi! Not only was the Menge Flea Market rather large, with over 200 vendors, but there was a RV campground nestle behind the flea market. The campground offered bathrooms, washer/dryers and even Wi-Fi! We enjoyed staying at the campground because it was not very busy, had plenty of trees and offered a peaceful fishing pond! Not to mention to stay here for one month was very reasonable at $508.00!


Some pics of the nice campground:

This place was a wonderful stop for us. One reason is because of the location which was perfect for us. We were about 64 miles away from New Orleans. Plus, we had access to many popular Gulf coast cities (lots of tour stops). We did all sorts of street witnessing without a permit (click here, here, here, here and here). If you have ever done or thought of doing any sort of street witnessing, then you know firsthand all the red tape (rules and regulations) that is required just to stand on the public street and give free material away! We were very excited to know that we can do this without a permit.
The flea market at Menge is considered the largest outdoor flea market in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They remain open every weekend regardless of the weather. The Menge flea market has everything bargain hunters are looking for. New and used items, concession food, fresh produce, flowers, plants, furniture, crafts, books, DVD’s, clothing, tools, jewelry, toys, perfume, army surplus, Avon, garage sale stuff and so much more. Here are some pictures of the flea market parking lot:

The Menge Flea Market here in Mississippi is a very busy, popular stop for all those looking bargain shoppers. Here we are at our spot. Today we gave about 30 DVD’s away.

Here, way in the back you can see Brother Michael running our spot:

While out stretching our legs, we had to get a picture of Sister Linda t at “Linda’s Bowtique” a vendor here at Menge Flea Market. Nothing more special to make females feel and look feminine (as they were designed to be ladylike) than having colorful bows to put in our hair!  Each of us (male and female) should be wearing our birth garments that was given to us at birth. To learn more about this please read “Name that Gender” and “Gender Garments“)

Here at “Linda’s Bowtique” there were so many bows to choose from!

Some more pictures taken around the Menge Flea Market in Mississippi:


While at the Menge flea Market we met, some had a wonderful time socializing and witnessing to people there. Sadly, we were disappointment about the one prayer/healing booth that was telling people that they were healed only for the person not to be healed!  This is very dangerous ground to be walking on. How sad for that young child on crutches, to be told god healed him only to walk out of the booth desperately needing his crutches. These people used this innocent child for their own recognition, posting Facebook pictures of the little boy claiming he was healed!  Making such statements to a child could cause that child to hate anything Biblical! Each situation is different and thus we do not know the many reasons. For anyone to be claim, ‘your lack of faith has hindered your healing’ or that ‘your sin has caused this disease’ needs to repent! Instead of passing judgement each of us should have compassion an anyone who is suffering!

See you all at our next stop in Biloxi Mississippi Flea Market!

The Imposter Tour #40: Perry, Florida

Yahuwah has blessed us to be able to spend some time with other like-minded believers in Perry Florida. Sadly, our friends had to go out of town due to a family emergency. However, before they left we had a great time fellowshipping and laughing. Here is a pic of Brother Ed and Brother Michael eating and enjoying each other company.

The little town of Perry is full of people that are down to earth, friendly and very kind. We were disappointed to learn that the local flea market had closed a few years ago. We thought it was still operating, that is why we came here. While driving through town one day, we saw that a storage company was having a yard sale/storage sale. We thought, it was worth a try to see if they would let us setup our table to give our free DVD’s away along with witnessing to others. To our surprise, not only did they allow us to set up but they allowed us to do it for free!!!!! I believe Florida’s winter has arrived as it was a very cold day.


 This little place got busy! We gave 5 sets of DVD’s away. Two venders came by and blessed us with two donations. Since we do not get many donation, we were very thankful for those. The same two venders, each took a set of our DVD’s. The one vender named Diane, knew about some of the deeper truths to our faith. Apparently, her friend has been sowing seeds to her. We are hoping that after talking to us, we could give that seed sown deep within her some water! And may Yahuwah allow that seed to grow. The other vender named, Betty who has kidney issues, got upset with us at first even walking away! The Ruach Ha Qodesh must have been moving her to come back. She came back and took the set of our DVD’s stating that she will study this information and hopefully our material will be the truth she has been looking for. If so then she will consider it further. Before we left she even turned around and blessed us with some of her yard sale items! We were at the FOY ministry beseech you to please, keep these two women in your prayers!

An older couple has recently lost their house to fire and they were so happy with what they had, their lives. After talking to them for a few minutes Sister Linda noticed that the older gentleman and Brother Danny had something in common, both lost their finger:

 We had a wonderful time despite the cooler weather meeting some people from Perry Florida!


The Imposter Tour: Pit Stop, Panama City, Florida

While on the road, traveling can get lonely. When we can fellowship with other like-minded believers, we count it a blessing! We had a wonderful time spending a few Sabbath’s with the Congregation of YHWH there in Panama City Florida.

Having fun around the dinner table.

Brother Michael and a dear Sister practicing music together:

Sister Linda enjoying listening to them play music

Sister Linda was checking out their sukkot they still had up from the Fall.

Brother Danny with one of the brothers.

Everyone having a blessed time

Sister Linda serving the gluten free yummy cream cheese brownies

The Imposter Tour #29: Bainbridge Fall Festival of Leaves


When we lived in Ohio about 5 years ago we would always go to the Bainbridge, Ohio Fall Festival of leaves. The entire town is lined up with tents of flea market, arts & crafts, toys apparel and games and carnival rides. Well, Fall 2014, we got to setup a tent and give away our DVDs. It was lots of fun. Yeah, I know, it’s awful late to post about this but we completely forgot about it. We can’t find the pictures we took either, but when we do we will post them.

That makes 27 cities, 29 stops AND 7 states we’ve stopped to in this tour.



The Imposter Tour #28: Christmas, Michigan



in July, 2015 we just got a spur of the moment idea to travel north to the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. We heard rumors of the UP and how beautiful and desolate it was. But first, we had to cross the Mighty Mac, the Mackinaw bridge, the bridge that connects the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula.

The Mackinaw Bridge is 5 miles long. It is USA’s third longest suspension bridge and the 16th longest suspension bridge in the world!

mackinac_bridge_noon2_900pxAnd then we were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!
IMG_3010We only had plans to go up to Munising, Michigan to see the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore State Park, praying Yahuwah would bring us to a good location to setup at a flea market somewhere to give away our DVDs and spread the word about Yahuwah’s Truths and the coming Imposter!

danielWhile we were there we spent some time on the beach and saw some of the historical sites. It was lots of fun. The UP is very beautiful! We even saw a bear crossing the road in front of us!




Brother Michael didn’t come with us this trip. Brother Daniel (left), Brother Danny (top right), Sister Linda (left below) and Sister Felicia (below right).


IMG_3032 IMG_3036 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_3123

We also went to Horseshoe Falls too.


Sister Linda and Brother Danny, holding Linda’s Pug, Daisy.

IMG_3240 IMG_3241 IMG_3249

Here are some amazing photos of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising, Michigan. We took a tour on the cruise boat. It was so wonderful to see the natural wonders and beauty of Yahuwah’s creation! Please allow images to load, since there are so many they are thumbnails. Click on image to view larger.


IMG_3776While sightseeing and visiting around the nearby towns we saw a flea market! The only flea market in the area and it was in Christmas, Michigan. Sorta like the saying, “Christmas in July”, we were there in Christmas in July and they had sale signs in the windows at various shops about it being “Christmas in July”. And so we setup at the flea market for the weekend. They didn’t even charge us! They just wanted our DVDs!



26 cities, 28 stops and still counting! Coming to a city near you!


The Imposter Tour #27: Fleamasters Fleamarket – Ft. Myers, FL


We like going to the southern states for the winter. In February this year (2015) we spent some time at the Fleamasters Flea Market in Ft. Myers, FL.


Sister Linda and son Michael McGuire standing under our banner just before the DVDs were setup.


What a beautiful February day in Sunny Florida.


Fleamasters Fleamarket is a big one. With 900 spots to put up shop and over 400,000 square feet of shopping, it is definitely a crowd pleaser of 1.4 million customers annually! According to their website, Fleamasters is South West Florida’s biggest and best Flea Market. Is it just me or do these larger flea markets we’ve gone to all like to say they are the best and biggest?




We had a great time!


Brother Michael sitting in the chair of a tropical shop in the Flea Market.

2525 Cities, 27 stops and still counting! Will you be next?

Still doing orders!

  Yes, it has been a long time since any activity has been posted here on the blog. We have had a busy Summer with Free DVD Orders, reading and responding to the 100+ emails of questions, getting our newsletter ready, video production, website maintaining, updating and improving. We are also making plans for our tour stops this Winter after Sukkot.  Some more updates on the Tour are to follow this one, just in time for our Newsletter!

  The Tour isn’t over and neither is our free DVDs. We are still receiving just as many requests of our free DVDs as always. Here are some photos of last month’s packages. HalleluYAH! All around the world we are STILL receiving requests of our free DVDs. Yahuwah is calling His people and they want to know the truth! We had at least 20 orders for foreign countries and nearly 100 for in the USA during our early August shipment! The following Map is where we received orders and shipped to in the USA. 


Click image for larger view

  Everyone who gets our DVDs are so blessed to receive the knowledge in them. The free DVD request orders are still flooding our email inboxes! HalleluYAH! We are so blessed to be able to offer our DVDs FREE to the world! That’s what our Ministry is all about. We are blowing the Ram’s Horn from one end of the world to the other! Race, Religion, Gender and Location are no stumbling blocks. 


  We bundle ship the orders monthly. The post office doesn’t like it when we bring in all our packages in at once. Michael has spent many hours waiting at the Post Office checkout throughout the years. We signed up for and conveniently weigh the packages, purchase and print the shipping labels and drop them off at the counter in the Post Office. Not to mention, using has it’s benefits. We even get postage discounts! HalleluYAH!


  The USPS rates have risen in May this year. With the postage rise, the United States Postal Service now offers tracking for Media Mail! We ship media mail and now we get tracking numbers with all our orders!


  The economy and unemployment has taken it’s toll on many Americans. Not everyone can afford $20 for one DVD, $30 and sometimes even $100 for a teaching DVD series. We here at the Followers of YAH find it sad that other Ministries charge money for the their teachings. Many have turned their Ministry into a profit money making machine. It really only costs a couple dollars to produce a DVD. If they must charge money why charge so much?! We here at Followers of YAH are so thankful that Yahuwah has given us this Ministry to help everyone learn the Truth at no cost to them. Charging money to learn about the Father, His Son, His Laws, Commands, His Amazing Wonders, the End Times, the Coming Kingdom and what not is indeed a stumbling block to those who cannot afford to put dinner on the table. If you had to choose between feeding your hungry children and buying a DVD about something you can freely read in your own Scriptures; which would you choose? With Followers of YAH, YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE because it is all FREE!


Well what are you waiting for? Have you ordered your FREE DVDs from the Followers of YAH Ministry yet? Do you need some witnessing tools to spread the message and help our Great Shepherd, Yahushua save more souls for the Kingdom? Do you have the desire to learn the truth? Please, order your FREE DVD today! What do you have to lose? You won’t regret it!



The Imposter Tour #25: Traders Village: Houston, Texas – 2014


Our next stop was the Houston, Texas’ Traders Village. Brother Michael and Daniel setup this time.setup



And now it’s time for the banner!



   We told our the Brethren in Houston that we were going to be there and they decided to show up as well. Matthew Gonzalez, his wife Edith and mother Vivian came and they brought Scott Clayton too. You remember those shirts we have, the Imposter Tour ones? Well, all the men of the group each wore one. Brother Danny, Michael, Daniel, Matthew and Scott. Matthew, Scott and Daniel grabbed some DVDs and set out to walk around the market to give them away too! Meanwhile, back at our booth Vivian was translating for the Spanish speaking people passing by. It was awesome!


Brother Danny explaining what each of our movies are about.


Sister Felicia and Sister Linda came out for a little while too. It was chilly so they went back inside after about an hour.

IMG_9057bbb  Brother Danny asked this guy if he wanted a free DVD. “I don’t believe in the Bible!” He said.

“Well these DVDs just aren’t for Bible believers.” Danny replied. The man snapped, “no thanks” and stormed away. Just as he was walking off our spot Sister Felicia saw that he had the book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and eagerly said “Oh, that’s a good book you got there!” Then the man just began attacking the Bible left and right and repeated asked Felicia if she knew what happened in 76 AD. He then went on to ask who wrote the Bible, saying the entire Bible was destroyed in 76AD and man had to re-write it. A bunch of Bologna indeed!




The Imposter Tour #24: Big Daddy’s Flea Market – Gun Barrel City, Texas 2014


Gun Barrel City, Texas – 2014

An interesting name for a city. Some listings say Big Daddy’s Flea Market is in Tool, Texas, others say Kemp and Seven Points, not so sure but we’re thinking it’s Gun Barrel City. The flea market we went to also had an interesting name, Big Daddy’s Flea Market. It was a nice one too!


They like to say, “You’ll never know what you find at Big Daddy’s Market!” That’s true. I wonder if the flea market goers expected to see us there giving away free DVDs.

With nearly 200 venders, Big Daddy’s Flea Market is the largest on the south side of Canton. They say, “With the gas prices why not come here instead of Canton?” We say, “Why not both!” That’s right, we are still gonna hitting Canton in April, that is, after we come back from Houston.

Here are some pictures of what we found at Big Daddy’s!









More Stuff!

More Stuff!



Door Knobs!

Door Knobs!





The Imposter Tour: Mary Worship

Mary Worship is not an uncommon thing here in the Texan/Mexican Culture. Especially at the flea markets! One market we called and asked to go to in Dallas wouldn’t let us have a spot there because they said we are endorsing a religion. BUT, the only religious items they will allow are Catholic ones… rosaries, Mary Statues, Crosses, etc. “Those are religious relics from Catholicism” we told them, they replied, “no, not necessarily, They are Universal and do not point to any religion. We don’t want to offend anyone with Christianity, the Muslims don’t like that…” We just shook the dust off of our feet and went to the next city. After taking a picture or two of course…mw

Most of us are aware that Mary, the so called “mother of god” with the universal faith (Catholicism) is the same “queen of heaven” that the great prophet Jeremiah warned the children of Yisra’el not to worship.

This pagan deity is goes also by the name of Ishtar (Easter).

Clearly from the pictures above we can see how some of these statues are just huge compared to Sister Linda. We have been warned not to make any carved images and bow down to them. Yet many are worshipping these pagan statues. So sad.


A Great Oportunity Awaits

awaits We here at the FOY ministry have a wonderful opportunity for the right candidates. Are you an adventurer? Do you like to travel? Have you ever considered yourself a missionary? Do you enjoy spreading the Besorah? Are you a hard worker? If you enjoy doing these things and have a valid driver’s license then we would like to invite you to come on Tour with us! A vehicle and camper will be provided if needed to the right candidates. For further inquiries emails us:

The Followers of Yah Tour

   In light of the recent world events, now more than ever us called out ones must continue to do this work of proclaiming the Besorah. We here at the F.O.Y. ministry are doing everything we can possibly do to get the truth out there! We are dedicated to blowing the Ram’s Horn getting the message of these end time prophesies out to the public. Even in these perilous times, we must continue to do the work that has been placed before us.
   Therefore, the F.O.Y. ministry will be taking a nationwide tour. We will go to as many cities as we are able, having FREE Imposter showings! We will also be giving away some free books, tracts, DVD’s and music CD’s. It’s time to invite all to hear the truth. Our desire is to go from the East Coast to the West Coast proclaiming and warning the people of the coming Strong Delusion!
   If you have ever wanted to get involved in doing any type of ministry work now is your opportunity to help us. We are in need of people to help organize FREE showings in their city. These believers will help find a building for us to rent, a paper to promote the event and help pass out flyers announcing the event in their neighborhood. If you are interested please please fill out the form below. Remember the F.O.Y. ministry is not just limited to the few workers here but this is Yahuwah’s ministry. If we the Body of Messiah work together lifting Yahushua up, think of what we can do? How many people we can reach? Since we will be doing this on faith we can only do as much as Yahuwah will allow. If you are interested in helping us please fill out the following form in the right column.


We have been endlessly burning DVDs! Here
is ‘The Imposter’ (above) and ‘The Great
Conspiracy (below) DVDs in sleeves for those
who order bulk amounts.

                  Come see the packages we mail.

Let’s get started!
This is gonna take a while…


Filling out custom forms. Sometimes there can
be more than thirty international packages!


Okay, time for the international orders!Philippines, Slovak Republic, Australia, Finland,
Canada and Japan, were just some of what we
mailed internationally that day.
From the ceiling to the floor almost
20 feet worth of receipts!
On behalf of the F.O.Y. Ministry, we thank Yahuwah for all the blessings from our dear Brothers and Sisters who have contributed to help us reach the lost sheep of Yirsra’el. Let’s blow the ram’s horn together!
We are amazed at how Yahuwah is working in our lives in this great hour. We never thought those long eight months of making The Imposter Movie  with one lap top, would reach thousands of people world wide!
His wisdom is beyond our comprehension! We praise Yahuwah for allowing us to do this work in HIS vineyard! As you read Revelation 22: 11 ponder what are YOUR works? Are you proclaiming? Rise up, called out one, Now is the Time!


Now is the time Brothers and Sisters to proclaim the Father and Son’s name to EVERYONE! We also must warn as many people as we can about the coming Strong Delusion and the revealing of the

Imposter. This very prophetic message is going forth in these last days. People from all over the world are “Blowing the Ram’s Horn!” The F.O.Y. ministry thanks Yahuwah for allowing this humble ministry to do this work in HIS vineyard. He has been providing us with the means to ship thousands of DVD’s world-wide! This is just a sample of what we mail out on any given week.